Getjar – Download Mobile App | Games – Quick Download

Getjar is a mobile phone app store that allows you download free mobile apps to your phone devices. Getjar is an independent app store into mobile phone apps for different phone operating systems. This means that it offers varieties of application for mobile phone users including Android, Windows, BlackBerry etc.

With millions of applications housed in Getjar mobile app download database, it is sure to find the mobile app of your choice on the app download platform. And of course, there is already billions of mobile apps download on the website. So you may want to take up the benefits of the app store to enhance your phones applications.


Getjar Download Free Mobile App | Games | Themes | Wallpapers | Photos

Getjar is an app store that offers you thousands of mobile apps. So if you are looking for mobile application store for all different kinds of mobile apps download, Getjar is your one stop mobile app store for free app download. In this app store, you will be able to download different apps including mobile games, apps, and themes application for your smartphones.

Interestingly, there is no limit to the number of app you can download from Getjar app store. You can download Getjar games free and there are other categories of app you can find and download on Getjar website. And you can visit Getjar store using any device browser.


Getjar App Store Download

Getjar app store is like every other mobile app stores like Google playstore where you can download applications for your phone for free with no charges. There is no app you cannot find on the Getjar store from latest apps to most popular apps and mobile games download. It is a lot easier and convenient to find and download mobile apps on Getjar website owning to the user friendly interface and search bar feature.

More so, Getjar apps are organized into categories such as entertainment app which gives you quick download of entertainment app, games categories where you can search and download any kind of games, dating apps categories, education apps and so on. Having said, let us look in more details the different categories in Getjar app store platform.


Getjar Categories for App Download

Getjar app download store groups its mobile apps into categories, and there are different categories to cater every mobile phone user choice apps for their mobile phone devices. The following and more are the different app categories on Getjar platform;

  • Games
  • Food
  • Health
  • Education
  • Finance
  • Music
  • News & Weather
  • Photos
  • Shopping
  • Sport
  • Wallpaper
  • Widgets
  • Religion
  • Personalization
  • Search
  • Maps

Getjar Games Categeries

Do you love playing games for entertainment and pleasure, and you are looking for games to download and play, then Getjar has plenty interesting games in its game download category repository. The different games on Getjar includes;

Brain training.
Card & casino.
Puzzle & Strategy.
More Games.


Download Getjar Games

1.. Go to Getjar website on

  • But if you have the Getjar mobile in your phone, then simply tap it to open the app

2. On the homepage, tap on Getjar app categories.

3. Select the games category.

4. From the game page, select the game of your choice that you want to download. Or search for the game if you know the name of the game.

5. Once you see the game, simply click or tap on it.

6. Now, tap on the “Download” button to initiate the game download. Once you do this, the game will start download and install in your phone.

When fully downloaded and installed in your phone, allow the game access by granting it permission to your phone. This will allow for games maximum functionality in your phone.


Download Getjar Wallpapers

Getjar Wallpapers for mobile are designed to help users beautify their phones. The wallpapers come in different designs and readily available for download. Below is how to download Getjar wallpaper.

1. Go to Getjar website on or simply open the Getjar mobile app from your phone.

2. Go to the Wallpaper category.

3. Find the wallpaper of your choice using the search bar.

4. When you find it, click on “Download” button to initiate the wallpaper download.

Download the wallpaper and install it. And it is ready for use.


Download Getjar Photos

Follow the steps below to download photos from Getjar;

1. Go to website.

2. Find the photo you want in the photo category.

3. Download it by clicking on the “Download” button.


Download Getjar App

Download getjar app can be achieved by visiting the Getjar platform and searching the app of your choice. There is no limitation to apps that you can download on Getjar. Apps on getjar are free download and so you do not have to pay anything to download app from Getjar.

Follow the step below to download Getjar app from the platform. It is easy and straightforward to complete.


Getjar App Download – How to Download Getjar Mobile Application

1. Visit the getjar website or open the app from your phone.

2. Search for any app through getjar search feature.

3. Once you find the app you are looking for, simply tap on it to initiate the downloading of the app.