How To Become An Associate in TJX

How To Become An Associate in TJX

The exclusive website for TJX associate suppliers and not-for-resale vendors is TJX is a prominent off-price retailer of clothing and home goods in the US and other countries rated 97 in the list of Fortune 500 companies in 2022.

The corporation operated about 4500 outlets throughout nine nations as of the year 2020. Moreover, there are four online stores and over 320,000 Associates. The TJX enterprises employ over 1,000 individuals to maximize performance.

How To Become An Associate in TJX

As was already said, TJX Companies is a major store that offers discounts. Along with T.J. Maxx and Marshalls HomeGoods, Sierra, and Homesense are additional integrated businesses that they own. In addition, US websites,,, and exist.

Winners, Homesense, and Marshalls in Canada (together, TJX Canada. T.K. Maxx in the Netherlands, Australia, Austria, Germany, Ireland, and the United Kingdom.

Categories of Associates

  • Associates Resources
  • Oracle/UltiPro Employee Self-Service (ESS)
  • Your Voice, Your Choice
  • Global Code of Conduct
  • Talent Management System
  • TipLine/Hotline
  • Reflexis

These are the few associates working with the TJX companies.

Key Highlights of TJX

Delivering outstanding value to customers every day has been the TJX company’s aim over the years. They provide a high-quality selection of current, name-brand, and designer goods. 20% to 60% less expensive than full-price stores. This covers departments, significant online merchants, and specialty shops, as well as goods costs for ordinary things.

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The corporation has more than 320,000 employees and has expanded globally, bringing top-tier brands and clothing to the table.

How To Register As An Associate in TJX

Follow these steps to sign up as an associate at

  • Go to
  • Go down the page to the “For Associates” or “Not-for-Resale” link.
  • Then select the “For Associates” link.
  • Go to the “Oracle/UltiPro Employee Self-Service (ESS)” section on the new website.
  • Select your country of residence.
  • Canadian Associates, European Associates, or Australian Associates are S. Associates.
  • Access the Oracle Self-service button.
  • Specify your password and email address.
  • Your first and last names must be entered.
  • Your Associate Identification Number (AIN), the final four digits
  • the reCAPTCHA checkbox
  • Click the “Submit” button.

To become a TJX associate, just adhere to the straightforward procedures above.

Customer Service Of TJX

The customer support area is accessible Monday through Friday to handle any problems or requirements from affiliate suppliers. Visit to find the free toll-free number to contact them.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Does TJX Stand For?

Well, it wasn’t representative of anything. Nevertheless, the founders’ initials—T, j, and X—were used to establish the moniker. The name TJ Maxx is a play on the TJX corporation.

What Does TJX Company Do?

The TJX firm is the top off-price clothing and home fashion retailer in the United States and the rest of the world.

What Company Owns TJX?

The majority ownership of TJX is held by institutional investors, who hold 93.32% of the company’s outstanding shares. Additionally, this curiosity is higher than it is at practically every other retailer of apparel and footwear.

What Benefits Do TJX Employees Get?

They are eligible for voluntary enrollment in 401(K) profit-sharing plans, medical, dental, and life insurance, as well as short-term disability and vision discount programs. in addition to associate discounts and competitive paid time off,

What Are TJX’s Top Brands?

Their most recognizable brands include Winners, Marshalls, T.J. Maxx/T.K. Maxx, HomeGoods, and T.J.

IS TJX an International Company?

They are one of the few major American brick-and-mortar retailers of clothing and home goods to have successfully grown abroad, with stores in nine nations and across three continents.