Facebook New Account Registration – Signup Facebook for Free

Facebook New Account Registration – Signup Facebook for Free

Are you on Facebook? If No, lets get you a Facebook account, we are going to be showing you how you how to do a Facebook new account registration.

Facebook is the largest social media networking app in the word today, with more than 100 million active account users. The app is designed to bring together ad help a lot make friends. On Facebook you can make friends with anyone you want to make friends with, you can also learn languages and share your files.

Presently, Facebook has become the best place to read up news, moreover, so many news website have taken their business on Facebook so as to reach a lot of people. Furthermore, aside making friends and learning languages, one can be can download music on Facebook, play games on Facebook Gameroom etc.

If you are a new Facebook user, you can be create a Facebook page to house only your friends, team or colleagues.

So, now we want to be showing you how do Facebook registration for free, after that, you will be able to enjoy all the features on it.

Why You Need a Facebook Account

  • Read up the trending things
  • Make friends within and across
  • Make quality calls
  • Like and comment on photo and videos
  • See how popular you are by counting your follower.
  • The best place to advertise your products
  • Download music and games
  • Celebrate your birthday and invite your friends to your wedding.
  • Create a group on Facebook
  • Work with Facebook

These and lots more other things are what you can enjoy just after your Facebook new account registration.

Features of Facebook App

Facebook business page

Create page on Facebook and share your files with your friends. On Facebook, you can create a page with more than 10 thousands members or followers. Use Facebook invite to get your friends connected to your page. Mange your page with your page admin and enjoy a lot privacy that you want.

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Facebook Messenger Download 

Facebook Stories

This is where you share your daily experiences; the Facebook stories or timeline explains your day experience to your friend, you can decide to share photos or a short video on Facebook stories.

Facebook Videos

The Facebook videos are a collections of videos kept for you for fun. You can download videos or watch it live.

Facebook Business Manager

Create a page for your business and company on Facebook, the Facebook manger helps you explore all the opportunities on Facebook business. You can create a page and link your company website to it.

Facebook Campaign

This feature is meant for those who own a business Facebook page, owning a Facebook business account is not the same as doing Facebook new account registration, however, you must own a Facebook account before you can create a Facebook page.

Facebook Messenger

This houses all your Facebook messages. The Facebook messenger is a different app that you have to download. Using the app helps you to be in touch with your friends all time. Messenger is free and it’s compatible with all smartphone devices.

Facebook Call Option

Make quality clear calls on Facebook for free, turn from chat to real conversation with Facebook call option. Also make calls using your Facebook messenger app for free.


Birth your feelings by using any of the Facebook GIFs, Sticker and emoji’s, there are so many of them available on your timeline.

Facebook New Account Registration       

Creating a Facebook account is free and easy and you can use either a mobile phone or pc to do this:

  • Open your internet web browser and log on to facebook.com
  • You will the Facebook registration form. The first things says, enter your name, enter also a mobile phone, password, indicate your gender and birthdate.
  • Complete your registration and here is your account.

Facebook Login Steps

  • Login to Facebook via the web
  • Facebook app login free
  • Facebook Messenger login.

Facebook App Download

Download Facebook for better, faster and smoother login experience. Facebook app is free and it’s available for all smartphone users. To download Facebook app apk into your Facebook, log on to Google play store or any website online to do that.