Insurance for Schengen Visa Application – Apply for Europe Schengen Visa Form

Insurance for Schengen Visa Application – Apply for Europe Schengen Visa Form

Insurance for Schengen Visa Application – All the commonwealth countries flying to Europe or in any Schengen coverage must apply for an Insurance for Schengen visa. Someone from the United States may not need to apply for this as an immunity covers them. Meanwhile the Schengen visa insurance is a mandatory insurance visa meted for individuals who will like to travel into any Schengen country.

This is to cover the applicant in any unforeseen travel challenges like health and other travel expenses, individuals wishing to travel to Europe especially those who enjoy visiting the Schengen countries must have to apply for this visa.

So, Visavit, will be showing you all the Insurance for Schengen visa application tips, if this is your first time, you will also learn tips on how to apply for a visa successfully. If you want more, we can show you where to apply for it.

Schengen Insurance Visa Review

An insurance policy to guide all Schengen visa application was mapped out on 13th July, 2009 by the European Parliaments, the insurance was to cover all unforeseen travel expenses including health and other unplanned issues, Urgent Medical issues, child birth on transit or even death may occur and so the insurance is to cover for this expenses. Should anyone wants to apply for one or two entries into Europe or in any Schengen coverage, the person must have to apply for a Schengen visa.

Schengen Countries

The Schengen countries are the list of countries inside Europe that has abolished all their travel requirements among them. So Individuals moving from one state to anther will not need a travel visa, because these agreements covers them, however anyone wanting to travel into any of the countries will have to do so with a visa called Schengen.

The list of countries below are the ones who are under the Schengen Coverage

·         Austria 


·         Belgium 


·         Estonia 


·         Denmark
·         Finland 


·         Czech Republic
·         Greece 


·         France 


·         Hungary·         Germany 


·         Iceland 


·         Italy 


·         Malta 


·         Luxembourg 


·         Lithuania ·         Latvia 


·         Liechtenstein 


·         Norway 


·         Poland 


·         Netherlands 


·         Portugal 


·         Slovenia 


·         Slovakia 


·         Switzerland 


·         Spain

Why You Need a Schengen Insurance

  • health challenges
  • emergency evacuation
  • Transit funeral expenses
  • Death, severe injury
  • Replacement of stolen luggage, travel documents or damages
  • Prompt medical attention
  • Child delivery
  • Hijacking
  • delayed luggage
  • Suspected flight crash etc


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These and others are the major reasons why an Insurance cover is needed for you. Mind you, So many times, does the airline experience child birth, in case of such issue, the person is quickly taken care of, not minding who the person is.

Insurance for Schengen Visa Application

There are so many travel insurance companies that you can apply for, remember there are different packages which this insurance comes with. You will like an Insurance that is cheap and has got all things that you needed. Already, Axe insurance covers you of any health and travel costs, you can as well extend the services by going for their premium services.

At Axe, you can apply for a medical and travel insurance, the lowest price for this price can cost you about $1.11 per day, so you can upgrade if you want this service to last you all your stay.

How long can This Insurance Cover

This all depends on your service provider, for instance, AXE insurance for travel and medicals can cover you for about 18 days which is equivalent to a normal Standard Schengen visa, however if you would like a double service or you are planning a double trip, you can then apply for AXE Schengen multi visa, this may be costly but it will last you as more as you all stay.

Types of Schengen Travel Visa

  • Multi- trip Schengen insurance Visa
  • Europe Schengen Visa
  • Trip Cancellation Insurance Schengen
  • Europe Group Travel Schengen Insurance Visa

Europe Schengen Visa Form

Discover your insurance need and apply responsively, moreover If you are ready to apply for your Schengen visa or your Schengen visa Insurance, you can visit axa or any trusted insurance service provider.