India Students Visa Application Form PDF Requirements and Fees

India Students Visa Application Form PDF Requirements and Fees

India Students Visa Application Form, use the form link below to start your visa application. All students going for a one year program should apply using the single entry visa application form or a double entry visa application form.

Analysis of the India Students Visa Application Form 

Multiple Application: Use the multiple entry visa application form to apply for a  student visa, meanwhile, your number of stay in India will be determined by the duration of your program. For Postgraduate students, who will be going for a year program can apply using the single or multiple entry visa form.

Eligibility: Applicants must be sure that they are eligible to apply, also find out if your country is restricted from applying for a visa. Only eligible countries can apply responsively. More so, if you are applying to migrate permanently into India, you must let your consulate to find out what kind of visa you will like to get. Any applicants who had an illegal case against him or have any present criminal record will not be allowed to apply. Find out more about your eligibility online.

Bank Statement of Account: Your bank’s statement of account must show your transaction for the year, moreover if your statement is not huge enough you may not be approved. The reason  for this is to ascertain the applicants financial strength so as to avoid you being a burden to the country.

Admission Letter: If you have gained an admission to study in India, you will have to apply for a visa using the student visa application form. This is also applicable to those who have gained admission via scholarship. Furthermore, while filling up your application form, you will have to input your academic duration so as to learn of the application form to use.

Provisional Visa: A provisional visa can be issued to applicants whose admission status is termed pending, also those who have not gotten an admission acceptance may also use the provisional visa to apply.

India Visa Application Form 

Here are the contents of the form:

  • applicants full name
  • applicant’s marital status
  • date of birth
  • valid email address
  • reason for travelling
  • current and permanent residential address
  • name of court and city of residence
  • international passport number
  • type of visa requested
  • signatures and other documentations.

Instructions on How to Fill the Form

  • applicants must fill all the options marked with red Asterisks.
  •  this is not a jamboree and so all information must be very accurate
  • sign all spaces shown to you with your bank signature
  • if you are applying via online, make sure that all the entries appears at the middle of the column and at not the the edge.
  • apply using the same name in the bank, in your international passport and in your admission letter
  • fill in appropriate details concerning your health status.
  • do not use another person’s email address to apply for your visa, also if you are applying online, make sure you received a confirmation of your application via your email, otherwise start your complaints immediately.
  • include the answers for all questions.
  • do not leave any column vacant.

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Supporting Documents 

  • your student visa application form or a provisional visa
  • admission letter or scholarship admission letter.
  • students transcript (this is optional)
  • health certification
  • a recent passport photograph and a valid international passport.
  • birth certificate.
  • visa application payment slip.

Passport Analysis 

  • You shall be needing two passport photograph in your application: the passport photograph and your international passport.
  • your international passport must have your signatories.
  • HD passport is not needed.
  • excessively beautified passport that maybe removed any facial content or changed the applicants real color will not be accepted.
  • the passport must show the applicants facial features and color.
  • the international passport must be valid.
  • the id number must be showing, plus the date of issue and expiry.

How Much is Indian Visa?

Visa application is not free, likewise Indian visa application; if you are applying online, you may need to pay less or more depending, however your application fee may not be more than $200, this is about 14,447 Indian rupees. You will find out all about that at india visa application webite.

Hope this guide was helpful if yes or no, use the comment box below to drop your views.