Which Travel Card is Best – Find Out

Which Travel Card is Best – Find Out

You have come to the right place if you want to know which travel card is best, we are going to show you results based on our expertise, experience, testimonies and findings. After now, you will be sure to make decision on the best card service to subscribe to when you want to travel.

Like we said on our previous post, there are so many cards on trends, likewise there are so many organizations, Institutions that offers cards, but what do we mean by travel cards?

Travel Cards Meaning 

When we say travel card, we do not mean business card or the automated teller machine cards, rather we mean a bank credit cards or credit cards that is worth leveraging you from financial debt while on the go.

Travel cards is termed suitable when they offer a hundred percent and more services plus other incentive and securities. Most cards offers you enough bonus to make you wanna enjoy more while on the go. On the summer, so many people will like to go on vacations, some travels across their countries for so many reasons; now the search for which card is the best seems to be at hype on search engines.

Alright!, thinking abut the best card to go for, we are going to be showing the best credit cards, we will also show you reasons why it is the best. Plus that, you will come to see why most people prefer such cards.

The Best Travel Cards Presently 

  • Chase Sapphire Preferred
  • Capital One
  • Venture Rewards Credit Card
  • Hilton Honors Ascend
  • Sapphire Reserve
  • Wells Fargo Propel
  • Barclays Arrival Plus

You can say the top 10 best travel cards this year, but then it is seven in the list above, we chose to show you just seven, because there is non like them. Alright am sure you will like to know the best and why, so lets see that below

Which Travel Card is Best?

Chase Sapphire Preferred

You will earn 6000 bonus points when you use Chase Sapphire preferred, this is calculated after you make use of the credit card to purchase in the first three months after opening the account. Moreover, this is about $750 travel rewards and trust me there is non like it. but then the mind blowing thing here is that, this card bonus is not given to people who may have been with the cards for too long, rather it is given to you if this is your first time of using a Sapphire card or if you have not received any card membership bonus from Sapphire in the past 48 months.

More to this bonus, you will earn 3× extra 2 points during your travel, especially when you wine and dine in any restaurants. More so, Sapphire permits third party user, this means that all these or part of this rewards can be transferred to the third partner, so get your friend to enjoy these bonuses with you.

Capital One (Total Reward: 12× Points)

Choose Capital One if you are looking for the best flat-rate travel credit card and unlike in Sapphire, Capital One calculates bonus offers in miles, so earn 50,000 miles once you spend about $3000 within your first three months of ruse. 50,000 miles is about $500.

More so, get 2× miles which is about 60,000 miles or less once you make purchases, however you can’t invite the third party to enjoy on this bonus offers. Just like Hilton, you can’t transfer your bonus to a third partner. Moreover, once you earn 2x miles on purchases you can redeem that by preening a statement which you made with your credit card which is travel related too or book travel via capital one. Visit site at www.creditcard.com.

Chase Sapphire Reserve

Wondering if Chase Sapphire and Sapphire Reserve are from the same service, the answer is Yes but the difference between the two are in their travel rewards. Sapphire Reserve offers you a 50,000 bonus points once you send about $4000 on any purchase after your first three months of opening an account. More so, as a user you are enjoined to grab about $300 credit reward in every anniversary year, this is a kind of reimbursement for all the charges meted to your credit card for a period of time also earn 3X points on dining and restaurants and also 3 pints when you travel world wide.

Hilton Honors American Express Surpas Car

One easily get confused about choosing either Chase Sapphire and Hilton, although Hilton appears to be more rewarding, but will show you why most people prefer Chase to Hilton Honors express cards. First Hilton offers you 12 times point when you make a purchase using a credit card on a hotel or resort under the Hilton portfolio, also earn 6 times Hilton honor points when you make purchase using your credit card on U.S Supermarkets, restaurants and Gas Stations. More so, earn 3 times ore on other purchases. Apply at Website: www.americanexpress.com.


  • it gives more dollar bonus
  • easy to apply and use
  • earn bonus even when used on Gas stations.


  • can earn these bonus easily when you use at their preferred gas, restaurant and hotel locations.
  • it’s not just meant for only first timers.
  • can only ear 6 times bonus when used on U.S. restaurants, supermarkets and at U.S. gas stations.

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The Platinum Card, Premium Card from American Express

Go for Platinum card if you are looking for a the best travel credit card to purchase your flight. You can, earn 60,000 membership reward at instant after you make use of your card to make a purchase of $5,000 in your first three months. Other Mind blowing rewards includes, A free $200 Airline free credit, 5 membership points or rewards, a lounge collection globally, a complimentary benefit from fine Hotel and resorts, free credit for your global entry and lots more, meanwhile, apply for card here www.americanexpress.com

Wells Fargo

Many go for Wells Fargo card because it charges you less on use. You can enjoy free annual fee and free foreign transaction. Plus that, earn 3× points rewards on purchases and points can be redeemed as cash or for travel. Interestingly, you have a welcome bonus of about 30,000 points which can be withdrawn in cash for the value of $300.

Am sure, you’ve know which travel card is best, however, choose any in the lost that best serves your need After that, visit our site again for more visa and travel options.