Facebook Profile Picture Upload – How to Upload Facebook Profile Picture

How to Upload Facebook Profile Picture – Facebook profile pictures are one way users identify each other on the social media platform. This is why it is important to Facebook that every user uploads their photos on the Facebook profile.

Just even like the name of the platform, it’s all about the face, the photos or pictures, intended for people to upload the pictures or photos for other see.

By uploading your photo to your Facebook profile, it helps friends find and identify you on Facebook. You can also share other Facebook pictures on your wall. And if you are looking for how to do this, then read through below;

How to Upload Facebook Profile Picture

1. Open your facebook homepage by logging into your account.

2. In the box which says, write something, there is a dual option which shows Photo & Video depending on what you are browsing with.

3. Click the “Photo/Video” button.

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4. On the next page, that shows, Select the “Upload Photo/Video” option and click the “Browse or choose” button.

5. The menu that shows next is where all your file on your phone or PC is located, so navigate to the directory containing your photo gallery.

6. Highlight the desired photo and click “Open”.

Once you have clicked on open to upload the photo to Facebook, you can add a photo filter to the photo and then click on preview. In the next page that shows up is where you can decide to give the photo a caption yow want just in the “Say something About This” field.

You can also tag friends to the photo, and also add a location to indicate where you took the photo. Another thing you can add to the photo is your feeling at the moment of uploading the photo.

During the photo upload, you can select the album where you want to upload the photo. And if you want to create another one, then there is a “Create album” button at the top.

Do you want to upload multiple photos? Just click on the photo icon next to the first one you have already uploaded. At the top you can see the “Share with” option which determines the privacy settings. Click on post to upload Facebook photo. You can only tag your friends to a post. You can also edit the privacy setting of the photo later and other things like the caption and the tags. There are other things that can be done with Facebook photo.

How To Upload Facebook Profile Photo

1. Login into your Facebook account.

2. Click on the profile button on the navigation menu.

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3. Your profile is shown containing your initial profile photo or a blank photo icon.

4. Click on the photo icon.

5. That takes you to a different page.

6. Scroll down and you will see privacy, tag photo, view profile full size and edit photo.

7. Below is the change Facebook profile photo button. Click on it.

8. With the menu that shows, you can select from existing profile photo that you already have or you click on the “upload Facebook profile picture” button above.

9. Clicking an already existing Facebook photo in your album takes you to a page where you agree on how long you want the Facebook photo to last before it is reversed top the initial photo, or you can click on never to make it permanent.

And that is it on how to how to upload Facebook profile picture. Do share your thought with us and also make your comments and suggestions using the comment box section below.