Facebook Video Calling – Video call Facebook | Messenger video chat

Facebook video calling is not left out in the world of video calling feature which seems to be one that is moving around various platforms. It has been around on the Facebook platform for quite a while now. So if you would want to learn how to do a Facebook video calling, how to receive a Facebook video call and so much more then you have to stick around till the end of the post.

What is Facebook video calling?

This is the feature that enables you to communicate visually and with voice with other Facebook users that are using the same application capable of receiving a Facebook call. Of which you both must be friends on the platform. The Facebook video call as I mentioned in the explanation is of two types which is the audio call and video call. This feature can also be called the Facebook video chat. Facebook knows that there’s nothing equal to a real life conversation no matter how feature-rich the chat is, it cannot be compared to a real-life face-to-face conversation. And that is why they included the video chat function on the Facebook messenger.

Video call Facebook messenger

This is the app that can be used to do the video call on the Facebook platform. Without the Facebook messenger application, video or audio calls cannot be made, as the other Facebook applications like the main Facebook app even with the Facebook desktop and lite, are not capable of making a Facebook call. Therefore in other to initiate on a Facebook video chat you must have Facebook messenger installed on your device or use the Facebook messenger on desktop. it is imperative to have this application installed on your device in order to engage in a video chat is what I mean. Now let’s talk about the benefits of Facebook video chat.

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Facebook messenger video chat

The Facebook messenger video chat means how to do a Facebook video chat on Facebook messenger. so to do a Facebook video calling, carry out the procedure below.

* Launch your Facebook messenger app.

* Make sure to have the latest version installed on your device.

* After launching the app tap on anybody you want to chat with, to go to the chat screen.

* Now you tap on the Video call button for a video call or tap on the call button for an audio call.

After doing that a call will be placed to the party you are calling. you will see ringing indicated on your screen when the call starts ringing on the other end. When it tries to connect you will see connecting and then the video call or the audio call will appear.