Facebook Video Upload – How to Upload Video On Facebook App

The Facebook video upload is a feature in Facebook which allows users to upload video content to their Facebook account just like some other social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram and others. There are basically two different ways via you can upload video to your Facebook account. You can do this using your Facebook app and you can also do this via Facebook web.

It is very easy to upload video to your FB account, and at the end of this post you will be able to know how to upload video to your FB account for your friends to see.

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Uploading videos to your account helps keep your FB friends engaged. You can upload videos of your business products and you can upload fun videos to keep your followers and friends entertained.

How to Upload Video On Your Facebook Account Via Facebook App

Users of FB can upload videos to their Facebook account using their FB app. To achieve this, is very easy and simple just as long as you have internet connection. Thus, here is how to upload videos to your Facebook account via Facebook mobile app;

1. Launch your Facebook app on your phone device, and login your account.

2. Try making a new post by tapping on “What’s on your mind” option on the Facebook page.

3. Tap the Camera button

4. Choose the video you want to upload or record a video with your device camera.

5. Input information describing the video you want to upload.

6. Select from the option available the people you want to be able to see your FB video upload.

7. Tap the “Post” button.

After the above steps, the video will start uploading to your Facebook account. The video upload process may take some time depending on the size of the video and internet speed. That’s why it’s advisable for the Facebook user to use a strong internet connection to avoid encountering issues while uploading.

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How to Upload Video On Facebook Via Facebook Web

1. Connect your computer to an active internet connection.

2. Open the website facebook.com on your computer’s web browser.

3. Login your Facebook account

4. Click on photos on your Facebook account homepage.

5. Click on the “Add Video” option.

6. Select a video you want to upload from your device or use the computer camera to record a live video.

7. Enter the title you want for the Facebook video

8. Describe the video in your own words.

9. You can choose the location for your video.

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10. Choose the people you want to see the Facebook video you want to upload.

11. Click the “Post” button.

At this time, the video will start uploading to your Facebook account. The time for the video upload will depend on the video size and the strength and speed of your internet connection.