How To Get More Followers On Twitter – Easy Ways To Gain Followers.

How To Get More Followers On Twitter.

This article is designed to enlighten you on series of ways or approaches on how to get more followers on Twitter. And for whatever your purpose, this article will surely guide you to achieve the aim of gaining more Twitter followers. And without wasting time, let’s quickly start with the approaches below;

1. Working On Your Profile – One of the best approaches, and effective way on how to get more followers on Twitter is by working on your Twitter account profile. This is because many a time, your profile makes the major first impression, before any other thing.

This profile comes in two ways in which one is on the bases of profile picture and the other on the bases of your bio.

  • Your picture is what people will sometimes see first or look through, and once they find it interesting, it can go a long way in attracting them to follow you. So, ensure you have a photo of you, well fitted on the avatar. And do not shrink the picture while cropping it so that it does not lose quality as people try to view it more closely.

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While you run Twitter account for a brand, you can use the brand on the avatar. And in all, avoid having an awkward things attached to the profile picture.

  • Another area to pay adequate attention is on your bio. People tend to read through your bio before deciding whether to follow you or not. So ensure you have a well written and interesting bio on your Twitter profile account.

2. Post Interesting Tweets – Posting interesting tweets comes with art. Make your tweets as interesting and fun as possible. You can be jovial while avoiding getting naughty just to make people laugh.

To further make it all catchy and interesting you have to;

  • Add variety to your Tweets,
  • Post informative links,
  • Spice up things with pictures, videos, add pieces of advice at random and all of that.

3. Tweet At The Right Time – One other way on how to get more followers on Twitter is by posting at the right time. And posting at the right time also encompasses posting often, as no one wants to follow accounts of people who do not post at all.

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Be active, and post when people are active too. Understand your time zone and your audience, and take them into consideration as to be able to determine when people are most active to see your Tweets.

Meanwhile do not bore your audience with too many tweets as this can get out of hand to be spammy and less interesting. This is also one good way on how to get more followers on Twitter. Do not do things that will make people unfollow you!

4. Learn To Use Hashtags – Adding hashtags to you Tweets helps make them reach a lot of people who are also interested on same topic you are tweeting. Use of hashtag is one indispensable way or approach on how to get more followers on Twitter. Meanwhile, too much of everything is bad, thus, always moderate things you do and that includes moderating the use of hashtags.

5. Try To Follow Back Your Followers – Except you are a celebrity and already have loyal fans. If not, you must learn to follow back your followers. Sometimes people tend to unfollow accounts who do not follow them back.

6. Direct People To Your Twitter Account – This is one effective method or tips to observe as long as you have such consideration on how to get more followers on Twitter. To do this, you can drop your Twitter account on such mails you send people adding “Follow me on Twitter”, then you attach your twitter account.

Also create funny and interesting photos, share on your social media platforms attaching your Twitter account handle; you never can tell interested people may get to follow you.

7. Get Celebrities To Follow You – Discover couple of celebrities and try get them to follow you. This you can do by sending them messages asking them to kindly follow you. Send them interesting messages, who knows they may reply or even Tweet about it, mention them and they may retweet your Tweets which gets you out there to the public, thereby increasing you visibility.

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8. Follow People With Similar Interest – Try looking out for people or accounts who share similar interests as you, and then try to follow them….and as well follow their followers. This increases your visibility.

9. You can ask people to follow you and once they do, that increases your followers on Twitter. It is among an effective way to employ on how to get more followers on Twitter platform.

10. Repeat your old most popular tweets…and the last but not the least, you may consider buying some followers….Meanwhile this is one approach on how to get more followers on Twitter which we will come back to discuss in nearest future. So stay ‘tuned’ and always visit back.

That is all here for now as regards this article on how to get more followers on Twitter…..for suggestions and contributions plus comments, do make use of the comment box below.