Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game Hack & Cheat – Facebook Messenger Game

Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game Hack & Cheat – Facebook Messenger Game. As marvelous as this game may sound it is also important I help you understand how hectic it is when playing and trying to obtain a high score.

Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game Hack

The Latest Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game is a puzzle game design to check out how smart and steady you can be. A lot of players are into this game; far more than 8 million players all around the world play this amazing game. Aside from just being a puzzle game, it is a strategy game which you can enjoy during your leisure time.

 Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game

Helix Facebook Messenger Jumpy Jumpy Game is a one-touch game which involves players continuously moving a tower to prevent a ball from falling. Once the ball is properly guided, the slightest mistake can lead the ball falling on a lemon patch. As soon as the ball falls on that lemon patch, its game over so you need to be extremely smart and careful as you play.

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As you descend through the ring platform, the game gets more and more advanced and you must avoid falling. Scaling through these platforms gives you points as you engage in game play. Greater bonus’ comes as a result of successfully passing through multiple platforms at once without hitting any of the platforms.

Don’t get so much in a hurry to descend through; it is all about smartness, not fastness. Being meticulous and steady is what would win you the trophy guys. The ball isn’t even running, it just keeps bouncing on a particular spot till you decide to make your move. And most interesting, there isn’t any time count so you have virtually all the time in the world.

The speed of your ball increases the more as you pass through multiple platforms, igniting and hitting any obstacle (platform) in its way at that moment. After that, it moves to the next platform where people are caught unaware and this leads to failure.

Helix Jumpy Jumpy Hacks

  • For Immortality – Use the code N4bsjwYx # HJ
  • To Stop Ads – Use the code JRE1M8af # HJ
  • For open all balls – Use the code XbDb21Uh # HJ