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Instagram Help Center or Help Support is a platform created by Instagram to assist their users if need arises. Every serious service provider has a customer support service and Instagram is one of such. Instagram is a social market that brings billions of users together and helps them express themselves. It is rare to have billions of patriotic customers and issue won’t arise. Celebrities, Politicians, Brands, Companies, Organizations and so on make use of Instagram on a daily bases.

Social Marketers are so into the use of this platform to create awareness for their brands. Problems arise every day and some most common ones include spams and hacks. The easiest thing you can do when a problem arises as your use Instagram is to contact the Instagram Support.

Contact Instagram Help Center

The Instagram Help Center is a webpage that is committed to helping users resolve issues with their Instagram Accounts. On your access to the Insta Help you are given auto-suggestions based on questions people ask the most.

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There are also categories of problems people encounter every day and no matter the issues you may be having, they are all summed up in the Instagram Help Categories. Here is how you contact Instagram Support:

• Visit the Instagram Help Center Webpage
• At the bottom left of the page click “Privacy and Safety Center”
• Still by your left click on the “Report Something” option.
• Choose the category that describes your issue and report the problem.

Also, if you are logged into your IG Account, you can access the Help Center at the bottom of your page. Just click “Support” and you will be directed to the main Help Page. Follow the same process as discussed above and get your problem resolved.

Instagram Help Line and Help Email

You can also contact the IG Help Center through the IG Help Line which is; 650-543-4800
Instagram also has an email support and can be reach via the email; [email protected]