Jiji.ng Online Shopping Account Sign Up

Jiji.ng Online Shopping is one of the biggest classified site which offers such marketing services as advertisement, buying and selling of products of different varieties.

The online marketplace proffers solution and bridges the gap between selling and buying in Nigeria marketing, by bringing both sellers and buyers together.

Over the year, jiji.ng has been a great platform paving easy access to online shopping where individuals can actually buy virtually everything they want, be it mobile phone, laptops, different kinds of electronics, cars, property and many more item you can ever think of.

Join thousands of other active users on daily basis by creating your own jiji account through this organized steps we have designed for you below.

The process of account registration on jiji online shopping store is easy, and we have further made it more easier through this guide. More thing is that, jiji account registration is completely free.

Thus, let us get started with how to complete the account sign up and account login;

jiji.ng Account Sign Up – Create Account

Follow the guide below to create an account on jiji online shopping platform;

1. Open your device browser and type in www.jiji.ng

2. Right on the home page, click on “Registration” at the top right corner.

3. Complete the required details by entering your First name, last name, phone number, email address and password.

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4. Accept jiji terms of services.

5. Click “Register” below the sign up form to complete the account sign up.

Having created your jiji account, you may wonder how you are going to sign in next time you want to go back to your account. We want to show you below how to login or sign in your jiji.ng account.

Jiji.ng Login Procedure

Follow the below steps to access your jiji account, it is not difficult, rather it is easy, simple and straight forward;

1. Go to jiji.ng using your browser.

2. Click “Sign In”

3. Put in your login details which are your email address or phone number.

4. Also enter your password.

5. Click “Sign In” to completely login your account.

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