Live Facebook Gaming | Creating Live Streams on Facebook Gaming

Facebook Gaming Live   – Facebook gaming live streaming or streams via the Fb app or website is easy to use or access on any device. Facebook continues to establish its ground in the social life-world, making it the leading social app of our generation. It was in the past that people use Facebook for chats and uploading photos, today, Facebook can be regarded as one of the best places to grow business, competition challenges, even so in the gaming world, with lots of Facebook games available today.

Every month, Facebook records hundreds of millions of gaming activities, ranging from gaming groups, Facebook gaming live streaming videos and playing games on Facebook. Facebook now provides the opportunity for Facebook gamers to go live using sources such as their desktops and a suitable streaming app such as XSplit, OBS, and the likes to make good use of the opportunity.

Streaming Live online

Facebook doesn’t just want to introduce games for people to play, the social giant network is also trying to bring professional gamers to upload themselves playing these games live on Facebook, for other game lovers to watch and enjoy. As a matter of fact, Facebook is launching an official partnership program for gaming experts where they’ll be paid to use Facebook live stream technologies to stream live games to other interested game lovers.

Creating Live Streams on Facebook Gaming – Access Facebook Online Games Free to Play

Where are the gaming wizards in the room? If you feel you’re good enough to upload your gaming skills and antics straight to your Facebook feeds for people to view publicly, below are few tips to get you started :

Log in to and click on “ create a live stream “.
Select where you’d like to post your stream, ( gaming group or on your timeline).
Copy to stream key and URL of the server to your clipboard and paste on your preferred streaming app.
State the game you’re playing and give your stream a name for others to identify with.
After naming your stream, click on “ start streaming “ on your preferred streaming app.
Check for the preview of your stream on Facebook, once you see this, click on “ Go live “.

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Once you complete these steps, you’re now live on Facebook, where your friends can see whichever game you’re playing. Facebook platform also grants you the access to keep tabs of your chat room and also a feed of whatever you’re streaming in order to ensure you’re doing well. You may also download videos of your stream broadcasts once you’re done going live.