Nigerian Navy Recruitment – How to Apply for Navy Recruitment Online

Nigerian Navy Recruitment – How to Apply for Navy Recruitment Online

Nigerian Navy Recruitment: This is a comprehensive guide on how to apply for Nigeria Navy Recruitment… Requirement, Eligibility and Application Procedures…

The commencement and effectiveness of Nigerian Navy application 2020/2021 from now till April 21, 2020. That great opportunity has arrived and here is the quick guide on Nigerian Navy recruitment 2020/2021. Come now and apply online!

Do you inspire to become a Naval Officer, this opportunity is for you. Nigeria in truth and commitment, we are announcing to you, the interested applicant and others who might care to here that Nigerian Navy Recruitment 2020/2021 has commenced. It will interest you to know that applicant’s marital status has to be single. Married women and men are not allowed in this job because if you apply, you won’t be considered. The criteria demands no married couple or individual and then Men that is over 1.68ft should restrain themselves while Women below 1.65ft should go further and apply.

When we refer to men and women, we are pointing at ages below 26 years of age with 5 credits including English and Maths in their ‘O’ level results. Any educational qualification higher than NCE is highly restricted and you must apply with the required documents which will be submitted with the printed online application form. For your own interest, every applicant MUST apply once and nothing less or more. When your application appears twice or more, it will be disqualified, though no money is lost due to absence of application fee but you have lost for the year.

So, if you would agree to stay here, i will give you the detailed perspectives regarding Nigerian Navy recruitment application 2021 which is only applied at This is the only Url endorsed for receiving applicants application form, no other website. Any website asking you for compensation or any fee regarding this recruitment is a falsified website and Nigerian Navy recruiters won’t be liable to any mischief. So, be careful.

Eligible Candidates

  • Applicants without any health condition or hereditary condition. You must be perfectly fit before you proceed with the application
  • Then, you must be a Citizen of Nigeria with proof of being a Nigerian
  • You must be a devotee who is ready to serve at any cost
  • Male applicants should be sure that they are not over 1.68ft
  • Female applicant will be considered after some checkup and confirmation that you are less than 1.65ft, it will be the best if you check it yourself to avoid embarrassment and unexpected actions
  • Age less than the official age, 18 is not qualified and can never be chosen. It has been stamped!

Things you Should Note

  1. Application is competed online
  2. It must be printed out with the copy of documents needed for the application
  3. Applicants MUST submit the one-time applied form with the documents at the venue and date to be notified later
  4. It is of no importance paying any special force or facilitator for this recruitment because it will be a waste of time, energy and resources. Everything will be on merit
  5. Be ready for your aptitude test and during the examination day, you will come with the copies of your application form and its documents as i once said
  6. The required documents? I will communicate that later
  7. No falsified document is allowed or gratified. Once any document is detected forged, the candidate will be handed over to Nigerian Law Enforcement Agency
  8. Only Nigerians will apply

Nigerian Navy Application Documents

These are the documents you will submit alongside the application form filled and completed online. Please remember that the application form will be printed out to be submitted on your day of exam which will be publicized later.

  1. Certification Form by Nigerian Police
  2. Guarantor Form
  3. Declaration or Certification by your parents or guardians
  4. Certification Form by applicants Local Government Area of Origin

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How to Apply For Nigeria Navy

Do you know how to apply? You don’t and that’s why you are here. Well, this is how to apply for the Navy Recruitment Exercise in Nigeria for the year 2020.

  • Open your web browser and log onto
  • Click on Apply Now button
  • On the next page, Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click on same button again
  • Start from registering an online account for check up using a working email address and password
  • After the sign up, the recruitment portal will appear.
  • Complete the recruitment application form online and
  • Click Save
  • Print it out and keep with other form highlighted for you above
  • Await the day of submission to complete the application.

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