Top 20 Technology Websites and Reviews 2018

Technology Websites – Technology is constantly and continuously growing, and the rate at which it is hitting the globe is so tremendous. In fact it is safe to say that, Technology, its values and impact cannot be overemphasized, that is if we are to lay emphasis on technology today.

Technology is actually making it convenient in so many areas of life, through searching of information and so many other things which has come about through technology. These days information is easily and widely spread to all over the places just in a matter seconds. This is the power of technology.

List Of Top 20 Technology Websites You Have To Know

1. THE HUFFINGTON POST: Like wiki, Huffington is a community that discusses mainly the activity of blogging and articles. Here, you can learn a lot of innovative stories and authentic security guidelines to adhere.

2. GOOGLE CLOUDS: The GOOGLE you are so used to may not sound important anymore to you but it’s actually one of the best sites where you can find latest updates on news, government, politics, health, tech etc. you familiarity breeds contempt, our dear Google is a good friend as I had mentioned earlier.

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3. COMPUTER WORLD: Via this website, you can search through and discover countless blogs and newsletters and latest tech, games, products and you know it all. The most important thing about this website is that you get to find diverse stories and options to choose from with reports about companies like apple, Google, Microsoft, you name it.

4. PC: With its thought provoking and innovative reviews and news, PC has established a reputation of its own. It covers a wide range of technical features of various devices like tablets, laptops and such, and correlates them to business and enterprise.

5. BEAT NEWS: This is one of the leading review related website that offer tech cloud and security with latest reviews on soft wares.

6. ZD NET: This site offer information on trending news reports and the likes. The best part of ZD Net is its 24/7 coverage analysis on world news thereby keeping you updates with interesting facts and making your day less boring.

7. VENTURE BEAT: Are you an enthusiastic entrepreneur or a tech enthusiast? Well, Venture Beat gives you an in-depth knowledge about the groundbreaking and innovative research. You also get to be up-to-date with the current events and news of the latest research.

8. iDROP NEWS: This is the best apple site for latest news, upcoming launching dates and trending Apple gossips you couldn’t want to miss.

9. TECHNO BYTE: this is one of the best educational sites where you get to learn science and technology in a whole new way. Check out the up-to-date news on science, technology and a whole lot of stuffs.

10. TOP 10 TECH: this site is the best for education and entertainment with several writers and authors to learn from, thus, viewing technology in a whole new perspective. Here, you get to receive information on games, apps and technology.

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11. ARS TECHNICA: At Ars Technica, you get accurate and realistic news reports from its technology devoted publications on various forums for technologists and IT wizards. The interface here is really user friendly and you expect no mistakes.

12. TECH MEME: Devoted to providing you with the latest tech news and reviews so that you are up to date with the happenings of the amazing world of technology, Tech meme is the summary of the day’s work and worth are all presented every day.

13. THE NEW YORK TIMES: Familiar with the name? this is a very popular name, this is one of the most reliable sites that offer information on latest news on politics, law, heath, education, books etc. so what are you waiting for? Go for it.

14. APPACCESSORIES: As the name implies, Appaccessories updates you with updates on where and how to get the best and suitable accessories for your PC.

15. HOW TO GEEK: This site is mainly for the book gurus, those we call the egg brains that love reading, you can choose from lots of options different books to read and articles online to enable you read wide.

16. POPULAR SCIENCE: Here offers you latest news on technology and expose you to science world too with relatable articles. You get to educate yourself on a whole new level.

17. THE NEXT WEB: This hip website is for the tech junkies out there. Get the insight on all the gears and apps of the tech world. The cross-generational groups are brought together under one platform through various events and workshops

18. GIGAOM: This website is a friendly interface for business leaders and tycoons; this will help business men understand the intensity of technology in their lives, the media, the public and even their lives. As a businessman, you’ll need a reliable website to upload business reports on, you can trust Gigaom.

19. TECHIGYAAN: Techigyaan offers you the opportunity to start your own personal blog and guidance on how to begin. You see, with techigyaan, you are not alone in the world of technology.

20. TECHAERIS: this is a whole new world where every photo and art freak can get access to. This site offers reviews, news, games, innovations with an interactive interface.