Tricks On How To Remember Everything You Read

Tricks On How To Remember Everything You Read

How To Remember Everything You Read – There is still the challenge of having to remember everything one has read. This challenge has been found among students, scholar and in various kinds of reading and study circumstances.

Back in the early days of our higher institution, I remember one of our course mates Sly Hinton J. complaining of how he virtually forgets everything he would have taken all his sleepless night to read, especially to pass in the class quiz next morning. Among couple of my friends, we felt so sorry for him, because Sly in reality would study and even stay back in the faculty auditorium to study after lectures in the class.

Sly really did put efforts in studying, he would read through the night just to ensure he masters his studies. The pain and Sly complaint really got my concern and then I started asking myself and started being conscious of how I do my own reading, the skills and other things which I never really put in to realization.  It then dawn on me when I asked couple of brilliant fellows who lived in the same hostel with me, how they do their reading.

I discovered we all had similar applications in core approach, quite different from the approach and orientation Sly had and which he has always used, as I engaged him one faithful day on how he does his readings. I discovered he did so many things wrong, and then I gave him everything I had written down which I got from myself and other brilliant fellow in school. They helped Sly and he improved tremendously – but Sly had one single “disease” despite all the teachings – I WILL TELL YOU!

But before I tell you, let’s quickly look into the tricks I gave to Sly that really helped him improved 90%

Tricks On How To Remember Everything You Read – A Must Know For Your Exams

1. Have a purpose

There is an important need to create a create a purpose for reading. You must find a way to inspire yourself of a particular text, topic, subject or course to read. Having a purpose helps you make critical decision on what particular thing to read at a particular time, instead of having to “kill” yourself with the worry of how to read A, B, C or D just at same time. i.e indecision!

One of Sly’s greatest challenge before as a student was that he finds it difficult to decide on which course and subject to read a particular time – he wants to read his English text, he wants to study his mathematics, there is also Economics handout to read, as such he ends up reading non of them with proper concentration and attention.

So very importantly, do  have a purpose to reading at a particular time except you are reading for entertainment or fun purpose – just to pass time and maybe lure yourself to sleep.

2.Write Things Down As You Read.

During school days, one thing we never fail to do was to write things down as we read. If I should ever pick any text book on any course to read add, I must hold reach of my pen and paper( As little as small piece of paper I could pick from the floor where I’m sited if I can’t reach full piece of paper at the time)

This approach helps you highlight and master some unique information in a sentence, it helps you memorize meanings, words, their spelling and patterns of key ideas.

3. Skimming First

Skimming involves taking a quick glance through the whole context, focusing on the headings, subheadings, key paragraphs and the entire body of the topic.

The importance and benefit of this, is that it helps you memorize and understand more better when you read through the second time. It helps prepare your mind on the important areas of the text and gives you a bit summarized idea about the text and then makes it a lot easier to understand and remember some structures.

4. Understand What You Read And Revise

Before reading, ask yourself abstractly the need for reading a particular text or subject matter, this helps you prepare your mind towards understanding the context, Similarly and most importantly, after reading make out time to ask yourself critically, ” Do I really understand this passage”?

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Focus to understand the heading, topic, each line, paragraph, and chapter, discovering the hidden details before you go over to the next.

Remember the basic purpose is to understand what you have read, so try to go through the whole process again. And discover how you understand more easily and better the second time and subsequently. I understand and remember more deeper and more better each time I read through a text or topic again, again and again.

Note, that it is quite easier to master and remember topics and subject matter more better when you read them twice and more before exams.

5. Rehearse and Memorize As You Read Through.

I could remember, Sly saying he does not memorize when he reads through. He only try to memorize hours after he had finished reading and even forgotten he read. No! This is a very bad practice.

Remember the goal is not just to read and say to yourself that you have opened this book, the goal is to understand everything about the topic you read. Thus, try as much as possible to memorize and rehearse, each paragraph, say them out to yourself while writing down everything you can understand instantly

Rehearse soon after reading is finished!

6. Solve questions

After reading a particular topic, try to solve some problems, some questions on them. Very importantly, you can make out questions from the passages you have read and try to answer the questions consequently.

Also look out for past questions on such subject matter, study them and answer as many question as you can before the examination. It helps you prepare even more better against what is coming.

7. Discussion And Teaching.

This is a very popular tool and practice among students. You can employ it too. After you might have finished reading, try discussing it, with at least one colleague of yours. Possibly have a small group discussion mates, discuss the topic and teach at least one person who may need enlightenment n the subject matter. This way, the topic gets more into you, leaving you with no option than to know and understand it all more better thereby making you remember everything with easy.

PLEASE NOTE: Do not neglect this particular practice. Even Sly testified how this helped him tremendously, after using his girlfriend and the girlfriend’s friend to always have a small group discussion and trying to explain to them what he had read each time.

8. Read Enough

Please before you ever go to the exam hall, try to read enough. Get it handy all the necessary materials, study them and simply read enough to understand and remember enough.

9. Consistency

Consistency is key to whatever one does. In anything, be consistent in your reading and studies. Do not always wait for exam period before you open you books to read and study. Always read when you are not under much pressure,

Consequently, you are more relaxed to understand more and more better.

Simply apply all of these skill and tools always and see changes in your ability to remember more easily everything you have read. Sly greatest challenges is that he never abandoned or neglected these skills through out the rest f our stay in the institution despite how deep he mastered them and he saw tremendous improvement in his performance.

Tricks On How To Remember Everything You Read – Hope this article is helpful! Please make use of the comment box below for your suggestions, contributions and questions. Thank you!!!