10 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin

10 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin

10 Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin – It is not a rare saying that the world has gone digital. This has created many of business opportunities we see today, most importantly online businesses including online shopping and many more.

And with what comes as no doubt, going online or digital is definitely one way to achieve good success in business, it creates an online presence and helps bring your business closer to clients, enabling them shop more online with much convenience, thereby making much success for you.

This means that the importance of going digital cannot be overemphasized, and here we wish to bring your way how you can digitalize that your business by simply making your WordPress blog an e-commerce site. And this can be made possible with the use and help of some WordPress plugins.

Having said, we bring you 10 Best WordPress eCommerce plugin with which to turn your WordPress blog into e-commerce or e-store site.

#1. WooCommerce:

This is one WordPress plugin you need to establish an e-store business with success. WooCommerce is a great way to convert that your WordPress blog into e-commerce site. With millions of downloads, the plugin has good number of features which makes it stand out.

In fact WooCommerce is one of the best and has gained success and popularity, owing to its powerful features like being highly extendable. This high extendability makes it possible for one to market virtually any product at any time, and anywhere, depending on the need of your potential customers.

The plugin is stable, customizable and fully compatible with WordPress themes. Other features include;

* Payment system (Paypal gateway)

* Detailed report for sales

* Google analytics

* Social media sharing widgets, and so may other features.

#2. WP e-Commerce:

WP e-Commerce is another good best WordPress eCommerce plugin for e-commerce. Popular among many. It’s powerful features enables easy development of e-commerce with the plugins. and thus facilitates sales and sales of anything just like in the case of WooCommerce, though it seems WP e_Commerce is popular than WooCommerce.

WP e-Commerce has the following great features;

* It’s fully customizable with HTML and CSS

* Paypal system integration including Paypal payments standard, Paypal Payments Pro and paypal payments Express

* WordPress widget support

* Compatible with WordPress themes.

* Efficient shipping tools

* Compatible with most WordPress plugins.

* SSL Certificates system

* Payment gateways including Google Wallet, Chronopay, Bluepay and so many others.

* Shortcode features, SEO-ready and many more.

#3. Easy Digital Downloads;

This plugin is meant strictly to enhance digital downloads. You need this plugin if your e-business is about digital products (Audio, Video, eBooks, etc) in which case there is need to download products (non physical products.)

Features of the plugins;

* Cart system

* Multiple payment gateways

* Promotional code system

* Bundle purchase

* Sales cart

* Re-downloability of files(products)

* Extensible and many more.

Download Here

#4. iThemes Exchange;

iTheme exchange is one known WordPress plugin for e-store set up. Although it is new compared to other plugins, but has carved a place for itself. The plugin supports both digital downloads and physical products. It’s easy to set up with a beautiful interface which enables you place your products and set up your method of payment.

This plugin has been recommended even for beginners who don’t need much stress in setting up things with plenty options. There is also stripe addon for free and for unlimited sites. There is also a paid addon to sell memberships and subscriptions on your website.

#5. Shopp;

Another WordPress plugin for setting up e-commerce is “Shopp”. The plugin supports digital products as well as physical products. With the secure cart, you do not have to border about security. Other important features include; responsiveness, multiple image options, SEO friendly, Secure and resumable downloads, javascript enables, catalog management and many more.

Download Shopp plugin

#6. Quick Shop;

Quick shop is one other good WordPress e-commerce plugin, with thousands of downloads. One great feature of this plugin is that it is customizable with CSS and compatible with WordPress themes, and WordPress Multisite.

The plugin adds sidebar widget and has shopping cart and checkout pages. It also come built-in email and Paypal functionalities, a greeat feature which makes everything more enticing.

Download Quick shop

#7. eShop

eShop comes with so many features which makes it a great plugin. Including such features like; Several methods and ways of shipping products, creates customer sign up easily. The plugin creates products using WordPress posts and pages.

With over thousands of downloads, it offers downloadable products. There is also multiple payment gateways.

#8. Ecwid;

A unique plugin that makes your e-business unique. It comes with different features which make the plugin a great one. It is available in different languages, which range of global selling possible and it is user friendly.

The plugin comes with e-commerce app for mobile such as for Android and iPhone. It also has features for automatic shipping, Facebook e-Commerce.
The mobile e-commerce apps for Android and iPhone makes it more easier to get things handy and manage your business.

Download Ecwid

#9. JigoShop

JigoShop is one of the best e-Commerce plugins with good functionality and customizability. The free plugin has multiple shipping methods, fully customiztion.

The plugin is easy to set up and has multiple payment gateways, giving detailed reports of sales and performance. It is fully extendable and has other great features.

#10. Cart66

There are two versions of this plugin, the premium or paid version which comes with everything required to set up and run WordPress e-Store. It does not require looking to get additional plugins.

The free version which is referred to as Cart66 Lite, it offers basic e-Commerce features including tax, promotion, shipping charge control, order management, support for multiple currencies. The plugin is customizable and you can market your products with any of the versions.

We know you must have used one or two of these plugins or any other one, please kindly share your experience with us about best WordPress eCommerce Plugin you ever know.