Accenture Education Trust Scholarships for South African Students – How To Apply

Accenture Education Trust Scholarships for South African Students – How To Apply

Accenture Education Trust Scholarships: This is a comprehensive guide on Accenture Education Trust Scholarship… Continue reading to see details on how to Apply…

Students of South Africa are encouraged to kickstart a new academic journey with a well known fully funded bursary programme for undergraduates in an undergraduate pursuit. In as much as you are clueless of how to go about the interest communication, your application form will complete that for you, if only you heed to the new policy of application on ground.

College students that wishes for a tertiary education should exploit this ongoing Accenture Education Trust Scholarships for South African Students to study in most prominent South African Universities. Which of the degree courses are your dream course? Further your career goals with this undergraduate bursary programme.

Have you been observing academic dissatisfaction on your prospect university but wishes to study in the prominent universities of your country. Will recent financial condition deprive you from studying at your dream university? Stop dreaming now and begin the practicals. Initiate this practicalized method of being awarded a fully funding during your tertiary program so as to gain firm enhancement on your career specialization.

However, students of above 25 years are thereby restricted from enjoying this scholarship and its grant as above this age is not qualified for an undergraduate pursuit. No matter your skin colour or level of previous education quality, your country invites you into a full time undergraduate program in few designated course officials. Students are chosen on deliberate criteria to perform in collaboration with Accenture Education Trust Scholarships for South Africa Students.

We are glad that you are about to take off for your undergraduate level program. Due to that, below is a comprehensive list on the number of course program acceptable and focused on, by the university. In order to halt regrets, it is very vital for any applicant to discover the availability of their choice of course study as to affirm the eligibility status of this scholarship.


Had it been that its for all the students, we would have indicated the scholarship as an international scholarship. But Accenture Education Trust Scholarship for undergraduates is for South Africans Only. Interestingly, these students don’t have to go to abroad or outside their country to continue the first tertiary cycle program.

Rather they have to stay within the country and improve the versatility of their mindset following South African culture and Academic performances. South African governments takes this medium to eradicate academic inaccessibility present in the country. Now, foreign students are not developed, but indigent are given full bursary opportunity.

Available Courses

There are typical 8 courses available for selected finalists of this scholarship. These prestigious lucky students are qualified for these courses only but each and every applicant should ensure the availability of his/her preferred course among the listed courses.

See the webpage, recognized Accenture courses for this undergraduate program has been listed for all applicants. So all South African College students full of energetic intellect and naturally blessed with IQ should approach now and possess their possession.

The Selected Participating Universities

When we talk about prominent universities, we invest all our strength on all these tertiary institutions intending to be mentioned on this section. The latter selected bright and intelligent scholars are privileged as their higher institutional programs will kickstart with the training passed across our able professors from any of these universities:

  • University of Witwatersrand
  • Rhodes University : Rhodes University has their specialized scholarship for international students as well. You can check it on our website once you click here. Believe me, you will love it
  • University of Johannesburg
  • University of Cape Town
  • University of Pretoria
  • University of Western Cape

You will come to discover many more others when you start your application, also remember that the University of South Africa is currently giving out scholarships, you can equally find out what it takes to apply and apply respectively.

Requirements from South African Applicants 

Before your eligibility is assured and affirmed, you must take all these prerequisites to heart and confirm them yourself before making your interest know to the scholarship management and grantees.

  • Foreigners are prohibited from applying as its only an internal scholarship for internal candidates
  • Residents with South African Citizenship proof can apply as well
  • For Undergraduates Only and you must apply before the deadline
  • Application form is located online and submitted online as well.
  • Only 7 courses are highlighted for applicants and only these courses will be offered
  • Of course all applicant must have strong academic excellent records/ pleasing academic records for virtual previous programs
  • You must be mentally fit and steady for the scholarship.

How To Apply For Accenture Education Trust Scholarships 

Application Form is out Now. Go and grab your copy and submit along with the scholarship materials. There is no time to check the time. You have from now till August 15th, 2020 to decide the nature of your academic training. Go through the rules and eligibility demands, then realize the activeness all these policies to decide whether you are welcomed or not.

Proceed to Download the application form to fill and complete all the fields with necessary information. In case you need to make more inquiries, contact [email protected]. We wish you luck.

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