Murdoch Postgraduate Scholarship – How To Apply for Murdoch Scholarship

Murdoch Postgraduate Scholarship – How To Apply for Murdoch Scholarship

Murdoch Postgraduate Scholarship: Murdoch University is a public university in Perth, Western Australia, with campuses also in Singapore and Dubai. It began operations as the state’s second university on 25 July 1973, and accepted its first undergraduate students in 1975.

You can now apply Postgraduate Scholarship at Murdoch University for all Subjects recognized in the Institution. If you are strictly aiming for a Research training program that will serve you for free, even if is partial. Here is a free study in Australia for Australians and International Students.

Students are given an open opportunity apply for an on going scholarship positioned in Australia for all University students into a Research level of study. With this scholarship, you will be able to attain a Masters and Doctoral Degree qualification in Murdoch University. There are no observable strict measures. Just head on to the application web page, represent yourself with an application form, that’s all.

But before then, have you completed an undergraduate program? You want to apply for a Doctoral certification program but have you covered a Masters program? Note that any level of study applied for, will determine the level of transcript to provide. If you are into a Doctoral program, your proof for Masters program completion will be required while Masters applicant will introduce a Bachelor’s Certificate.

So, the question now is, are they all available? Ensure that all prompted application documents were made available before an application is implemented or attempted. That’s the major role of an applicant. However, your nationality doesn’t matter provided that all eligibility criteria are met. So, without much ado, see how Postgraduate Scholarship at Murdoch University will enlighten you more on your career through well-known professors of the University.

How to Get Postgraduate Scholarship at Murdoch University

An applicant will start from realizing the worth of this scholarship in this journey of actualizing a life dream and obtaining a legalized training towards one’s life career. Afterwards, an application form is positioned online for International and Australians differently. That is to say, if you are from Australia, you have a separate application to complete while International students apply same method.

So, you are required to apply on your respective application form with all the supporting documents present and completed.

Characteristics of Applicants

Students that have decided to further or start up a new academic level with this special funding program should take note of all these qualifications. Absence of any of these will attract disqualifications or instant application eviction.

  1. Most of all, your nationality doesn’t matter. The most important thing is that you picked an application form assigned to your nationality as the assignee presented it.
  2. More so, applications are meant to be submitted individually to the prompted email address
  3. Any level of study to be applied for, must be the next level for your previously attended learning. If you intend to attain a Masters program, it detects that you have completed a Bachelor’s degree with qualifying scores
  4. International students must agree to study in Murdoch University Australia as a full time student
  5. An application comes after the applicant must have enrolled for related discipline training in the Institution.
  6. 30th September is the due date and no application is to be expected after this date. So, don’t fall a victim of late applications. It won’t be entertained.

Supporting Documents

Supplementary Documents varies according to level of study.

  • First Class Honours or its International equivalence. The transcript must be presented alongside the application form for all the applicants. No restrictions; all applicant no matter your level must have this qualification and as well submit the proof
  • Work Experience in related field of study
  • CV with related information
  • Digital Passport of maximum two
  • A completely filled-in application form for your nationality. International students has collective application form while Australians apply with a different application form

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How To Apply for Murdoch Postgraduate Scholarship 

Take note of this application procedure;

  1. International students are mandated to proceed their application with the application form at
  2. While Internal students or citizens of Australia that aims for this application will apply theirs when they download the application form at –

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