Modul Vienna University Scholarship – How To Apply

Modul Vienna University Scholarship – How To Apply

Modul Vienna University Scholarship: Modul University Vienna is a private university established in 2007 in Vienna, Austria, focusing on social and economic development, particularly in the areas of tourism, new media information technology, sustainability, business management, and public governance.

You can apply Modul Vienna University Scholarship in Austria so as to gather experiences that will ward-off ignorance and poor leadership network. Join the most influential global leadership training in Business Administration, Real Estate Management and Digital Marketing.

Prepare your Masters Degree in Business Administration, Digital Marketing and Real Estate Management. Get hold of our scholarship immense support when you file up an application for Modul Vienna University Scholarship in Austria. Besides, this University scholarship funds 50% of beneficiaries tuition fee individually. To have an access to this application requires you to be a citizen of Austria. Only students residing in Austria with permanent permit will enjoy this scholarship.

Prior to the academic level, its apparently deliberate for all applicants to focus on furthering their Masters program. That said, only graduates are free to make known of their application. Applying the scholarship signifies that you have previously attended and completed an undergraduate program in any of the aforementioned study area or subjects. If your undergraduate subject is diverse to the course found in the application, you will be totally evicted.

Modul Vienna University Scholarship in Austria

Choose from our range of Foundation Pathways when you apply today. Its totally a good idea for any Austrian with intent of progressing to another level of learning to apply for a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) taking advantage of this Modul Vienna University Scholarship in Austria. Do you know why?

Its because it takes care of half of your tuition fee. A whole lot of 50%. Although its a partial funding scholarship but there many other scholarships out there that takes responsibility of 20% or 30% of the tuition fee. But Modul Vienna University Scholarship for Masters took as much as 50% while other 50 is your responsibility making it a 50-50 funding. Isn’t it much amazing?

Qualification Criteria

Take your time to study the requirements of this scholarship from applicants. Believe me, it will make you to fall in love with this scholarship because its a whole vibe. Its requirements are neither strict nor difficult to be handled. They just outlined all the basic requirements which any responsible Masters applicant should have or possess beforehand. No additional requirements

  1. First of all, prospective beneficiaries will go far with their scholarship if they are Austrian. Students applying from abroad are not eligible
  2. Only Graduates are free to apply for the Masters program
  3. Its a full time postgraduate program prioritizing that every applicant must agree to participate full time
  4. Academic records of other study level attended must be presented so as to prove the uniqueness of having the scholarship grant and it will also affirm your qualification
  5. Only new students of Modul Vienna University can apply and automatically be accepted if they ensured all the requirements are met.

Required Documents For Modul Vienna Scholarship

  • Application Form
  • CV
  • National ID or Birth Certificate
  • An Undergraduate Degree Transcript
  • Digital Passport

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Geographical Instructions

  1. International students are not qualified to attempt this scholarship application because its an Austrian application for Austrian in Austria
  2. Modul Vienna University is the Study Institution for all winning candidates
  3. Only these three Faculties will be undertaken and certified on, using this scholarship
  4. Austrian students studying in another university is equally free to apply but has to receive a postgraduate offer from the institution before the application is proceeded
  5. A citizen of Austria residing in other countries can still apply following all the rules and application routines perfectly fine.

How To Download Modul Vienna University Scholarship Application Form 

Download our application form as the application portal is currently open. Make a move of attaining a professional degree in the related by first of all applying to the university for a postgraduate acceptance at

From here, the application form will now be located because of there is no separate application form for Modul Vienna Scholarship 2020.

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