How To Block Someone Permanently on Facebook – See Guideline

How To Block Someone Permanently on Facebook – See Guideline

Blocking someone on Facebook can be a temporary or permanent action depending on how far you took it. Maybe you never expected to have such person among your contacts or your friend start nagging and displeasing you. You have the full right to decide who will stay in your Facebook contacts because Facebook has given you the features.

How Can i Block Someone Forever on Facebook is a deliberate action that can be taken by an owner of a certain account. It might be you or your friends. Blocking a Facebook friend is automatically unfriending the person and an unfriended account cannot tag you or startup a chat with you on any occasion whatsoever. Its true that their memories will still remain in your account such as chats, files and medias sent etc but they will seize to function or collaborate with you.

However, when a mutual friend tags the Blocked friend, you can view their mood through the pictorial representation but you can no longer function with them. Prior to that, How Can i Block Someone Forever on Facebook is certainly simple as you can block the person directly from his/her post or you move to your Facebook settings to complete the task.

Effects of Blocking Someone on Facebook

You can call it;

  • Hiding a Facebook friend
  • Unfriending a Facebook Friend
  • or Deleting a Friend

Either of them is correct. But it will be okay for us to go to earth. That said, lets have a clear view of the consequences that comes after Blocking Someone on Facebook

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  1. You can still view the long chats; both new and older chats but can no longer activate a conversation
  2. Viewing their pictures again is much more possible but will only appear if a mutual friend was tagged
  3. You cannot tag or be tagged to his/her post because your account is no longer effective
  4. The name still includes to your Friends list but it isn’t functioning
  5. When a Friend is deactivated or Blocked, the person won’t be informed by Facebook
  6. Blocking someone attracts automatic unfriending
  7. For you to friend a Blocked account, you will unblock it again before you can send a friend request
  8. However, a Blocked account cannot be suggested to you again by Facebook.

How to Chat a Blocked Facebook Friend Again

For you to activate a conversation access of a Facebook friend, group or page, you will perform the first operation which is unblocking the friend, page or group. You have to search the name of the account > Tap/Click on the right account after Facebook suggestions to move into the profile. Go to the “Options icon” ( three dots) at the below the right side of their cover photo and hit.

“Unblock” will appear if you successfully blocked the account. So when you click on the Unblock. Search the name again on Facebook search box to Send a Friend Request when the name is found. But if you are still enthusiastic after knowing the contradictions of blocking a Facebook account, we will have no other option than to walk you through ” How Can i Block Someone Forever on Facebook”.

How To Block Someone Permanently on Facebook

We can simply access this Feature of blocking a Facebook Friend because the access has been granted by Facebook. This includes; Blocking them from their Facebook Profile or gently moving my account settings to activate the Blocking. See how it goes:

  1. Block Someone from their Profile:

This method definitely simple as the “most known of blocking a Facebook Friend”. Here, just go to their Facebook Profile to locate the three dots located at bottom of their cover photo. From their, choose the Block option that is included to the drop down options


2. Block Facebook Friend from my Account Settings

  • It consist of logging in your Facebook account.
  • Go to the Horizontal Line at the top right of the page so as to find “Settings”
  • But if you logged in with, navigate the the Drop Down icon at the top right of the page and click so as to locate the “Settings”
  • Tap on Settings when found
  • Scroll down to Blocking and Hit
  • At the Block open box, enter the name(s) of the account to be blocked or friend to be blocked
  • When the names are suggested for confirmation, confirm it by tapping on the correct name
  • Finally tap on Block

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