Facebook Video Call – How to Video Chat on Facebook

Facebook Video Call – How to Video Chat on Facebook

Facebook Video Call: Facebook rolled out a video-calling feature called Messenger Rooms in 2020. It allows you and up to 49 others to join a group video call – which Facebook calls a “room”.

Facebook does not only support messaging friends and virtual people, but equally grants this opportunity of having a great time, face to face with whoever you pleases. Its free of charge and many doesn’t know how to access it while its already in-front of your chatroom. To clear you on that, apprehend and adhere to this tutorial on How to Video Chat on Facebook.

You have a Facebook account but still misses your beloved not knowing that you can actually undergo a real conversation face to face with the person. Facebook Messenger is an online interface with advanced features of messaging both on SIM and Facebook. It has gone a long way to become the most downloaded app on Play Store due to its free mode of passing information.

With Messenger, you can chat with your loved ones with or without data. With same Messenger, you will implement a Video Chat on Facebook. However, Facebook users can actually locate Messenger on the Facebook web but when it comes to chatting with Facebook app, you will download the Messenger before you will be able to execute any method of chats.

But as we are here now, we exist as regards How to Video Chat on Facebook. Yes, you can execute video call on Facebook when you don’t feel like typing, going through messages or want to catch fun. Many reasons can make you to employ video calling on Facebook but we are here to lead you through that path. We will start from downloading a Messenger.

Messenger App Download for Free

Do you have Messenger app? No right? I guessed so as well. So, in order to locate our Video calling icon meant for Facebook users, we will have to download Facebook Messenger for iOS devices and Android. Have in mind that Messenger is accessible with any available device across the globe provided that its internet connected

Messenger for iOS:

  1. Launch your Apple Store from your Apple Device
  2. Search Messenger on the search box at the top-center of the page
  3. Hit on the app when it appears and Tap on Get
  4. Automatic Download will kick start after accessing permission is granted by the user
  5. Install this app and login your Facebook
  6. Sometimes, your Facebook details will appear if only the account is synced to the device. All to do afterwards is to permit the login. That’s all

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Messenger for Android Phones:

  • As an Android user, you will easily access Messenger because its easily recommended on your Play Store
  • So, Launch your Google Play Store and Download Messenger
  • Sometimes, you will find the app as a suggested application on the Store homepage
  • Or you have to search it
  • Install afterwards and login your Facebook account. Just like that, you have owned a Messenger

Top Features of Messenger

  • It accesses your inbox and bring-in other messages other than your Facebook messages
  • Video chat with Messenger just like you can literally chat on it
  • Replying and Sending messages are 100% free, with or without data
  • Download is for free and you have confirmed that
  • Enjoy an access to 100+ emojis
  • Messenger recognizes end to end encryption

How to Video Chat on Facebook

No matter the device that you are using, you can still access the Video calling feature on Messenger. Which of your Facebook friends do you wanna talk to, through video chats. See how to go about it

  1. Launch your Messenger app
  2. Locate the person’s name and tap
  3. Once is tapped, the chatroom will open on your screen
  4. Navigate to the top right side of the screen to tap on the Video call icon located there
  5. When this is implemented, the number will start dialing. But it won’t succeed when you do not have an existing cellular data or switched off WiFi

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