Apply for Helen Macmillan Scholarship | Scholarship Application Update

Apply for Helen Macmillan Scholarship | Scholarship Application Update

Female students of the University of Canterbury are gladly invited to undertake any subject for free with Helen Macmillan Scholarship. 2020 application session has kick-started and many students depend on us for the notification. Hello! its time to apply for Helen Macmillan Scholarship for young females.

University of Canterbury funds for tons of scholarship just to permit international students to undergo a free study in every study level of diverse study fields. Helen Macmillan scholarship is one among the top most applied scholarships of Canterbury University. It consists of several requirements to be met by any prospective applicant of the scholarship. However, they will all be communicated hereafter.

But right now, at this point, just have in mind that Helen Macmillan Scholarship is a full tuition paid scholarship. In anticipation of reaching your life goals and living a positive influential life, applying for 2020 Helen Macmillan scholarship is one of the needful because you will get to access premium quality education for free in New Zealand. What has been your dream career? Pursue it with a perfect support from University of Canterbury.

Helen Macmillan Scholarship Review

Female students only are the genders top considered by this scholarship. Meanwhile, each and every of the students must be living in any city of New Zealand that is marked eligible by the scholarship organizers. Its equally expected for you to be presently a student of the institution regardless of your study level because all levels are considered.

Opportunity of getting this scholarship maximizes when an application is filed up and submitted before August 18, 2020. If this protocol is not observed and quickly followed, students will be denied this scholarship and these students will be directly females.

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Description of Applicants

Its better to unveil the characteristics and eligibility criteria that are of expectations from each and every of our upcoming beneficiaries, winning candidates or applicants

  • It is required that any applicant must be a female
  • Undergraduates can apply
  • Same instruction goes to graduates that ants to take off with the postgraduate program
  • We recognize only full-time program so our students are expected to demonstrate interest in being a full-time student.
  • International students that intends to apply must receive an admission offer or enrolled in our program already, before an application is done.
  • Our funding goes to only females but our University houses both male and female
  • If you are a student that is undergoing or her parents are undergoing some financial trauma, this is the time to make a move out of your present situation and ward-off societal negative claims on you with this application

Host Institution

Every applicant is already a student of University of Canterbury in New Zealand. So, your stay is certainly referred to New Zealand while leverage your annual rewards and expect to learn from experienced tutors. It is way off studying in your locality right?

Current students in undergraduate or postgraduate studies that are certainly women or ladies are eligible to further with our grant once your eligibility is affirmed.

NB: Undergraduate applicant shouldn’t exceed 25 years of age. That’s an endorsed deal. Take Note because its all mandatory.

Award Analysis

Here we are with the detailed information of grants awarded to each and every of our beneficiaries.

As a recipient, you are entitled to $2,500 every year. This includes keeping up with great academic records during your study program.

How To Apply for Helen Macmillan Scholarship

Helen Macmillan Scholarship is open and undertakes students from different study field provided that you got all the requirements met. You have from now till August 18, to submit your application.

So, to Download Helen Macmillan Scholarship Application Form pdf, visit our application portal at –

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