Citi Bank Credit Card Statement – Check your Credit Card Statement Balance Online

Citi Bank Credit Card Statement – Check your Credit Card Statement Balance Online#

Citi Bank Credit Card Statement: This article will guide you on how to check your Citi bank credit card balance online.

Citi bank introduces an online bank statement for all your credit cards, you can view and print you credit card anytime, anywhere and any day.

Citi bank is one of the best bank in the world and it’s a financial service under a multinational group. The bank is located in New York and has branches all over the world

Applying for Citi bank credit card avails you of a lot of privileges, which include owning up an account that funds all your unplanned expenses. Make purchases, withdraw cash at different ATM stands and equally enjoy hotel reservations etc., using Citi bank credit bank.

Getting your Citi bank credit card online is easy and all most free. All Citi bank account holder has right and opportunity to apply for their statement of account.

How to View Citi Bank Credit Card Statement Online

Here is how to view citi bank credit card statement online:

  • Open your browser and log on to
  • If you open consumer checking, consumer market online or savings account, then be less assured that you are enrolled for a paperless statement
  • There will be a reminder sent to you via a mail as regards your monthly statement
  • Download Adobe reader so as to view statement.

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Benefit of Your Statement?

  • Discover when to pay back money used.
  • Find out how much that you have spent already.
  • See if there is chances to upgrade your card.
  • Discover better goody goodies which you can get.
  • You would like to cut down on paper work.
  • View your statement online and lots more reason.

These and so many more reasons are why you need to check your credit card statement.

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