SMEDAN: How to Register And Get SMEDAN Certificate And Number

Small and medium enterprises can register and get SMEDAN certificate and number if they follow the right procedure. The Small and medium enterprises are faced with one major business challenge, and that it finance. This is why Federal government of Nigeria founded SMEDAN agency through which it supports business owners who register with SMEDAN.

This means that there is great opportunity for small and medium enterprises who register their business with SMEDAN Agency. Access to corporate finance facilities from banks and other financial institutions has always been a major problem to owners of small and medium enterprises, and this is one way the government is supporting them through SMEDAN agency.

How to Register And Get SMEDAN Certificate And Number

The step by step guide in this post will help you on how to register your business with SMEDAN and get your SMEDAN certificate free with no charges.



SMEDAN stands for Small and Medium Enterprises Development Agency of Nigeria. It was established in 2003 to help support small and medium Enterprises in their everyday business activities.

This is done by a way of promoting of them and their business, giving them various business support which includes giving them grants and loans needed to run their business.

By this, small and medium enterprises get the support needed to run their business. It has been a great opportunity, and every business enterprise of this category is encouraged to register with SMEDAN.


What Are Requirements to Register your Business With SMEDAN?

There are certain conditions and criteria you have to meet as a business owner to be able to register your business with SMEDAN. They include the following;

1. You must be a citizen of Nigeria

2. You and your business must reside in Nigeria

3. SME must be registered with CAC and other necessary authorities.

4. You must have your BVN as it is required.

5. It is for small and medium Enterprises business owners between 18-45 year of age.

6. You must have a valid government issued means of identification example, International Passport, NIN, Voters’ Card or Drivers License.

7. Valid Email and phone number

Now we have seen the requirement to register your business with SMEDAN, let us now look at the opportunities, benefits and why you should register your Business with SMEDAN.


Why Register your Business With SMEDAN

When you register your business with SMEDAN you stand to benefit from the opportunities that come with it and support they offer to businesses listed with them. They following opportunities worth registering your business with SMEDAN;

1. SMEDAN will connect you to other business opportunities

2. It connects you to some private sector for business and opportunities

3. You get access to trainings

4. They give you access to government loans

6. They promote your business for more visibility

7. They help keep you updated with new business innovations


How to Register your Business with SMEDAN – The Guide

Stage 1: It is easy to complete your business registration with SMEDAN. Follow the step by step guide below to register with SMEDAN;

1. Go to the SMEDAN website on:

2. Fill in the registration form on the page, and this includes;

  • Enter your business name
  • Enter your phone number
  • Provide your email address
  • Enter your password
  • Repeat Password

3. Click “Get Started”

Stage 2: In the second stage, you are required to complete other of your business details including;

  • Year of Business Commencement
  • Business Address
  • State and Local Government
  • Business premises
  • Business Website (optional)
  • Business type
  • Main Product or Service of the business

Are you registered with CAC? (Select “Yes” or “No”)

Select Category of business by Annual turnover

Select Employment Category

Click “Next”


Stage 3: Fill the Business Owner Details including;

1. The name of the business owner

2. The position of the owner

3. Gender

4. Age

5. Home address

6. Phone number

7. Email address

8. Bank Verification Number (Optional)

9. Click “Next”


Stage 4: Business Description Field

1. Describe what your business does
2. Select your business industry
3. Specific business area
4. Briefly explain your business

Click “Submit” to submit the registration form.

Once you click “Submit”, your SMEDAN certificate will be sent to your email address which you have used in this registration. The SMEDAN certificate will contain your business name and SMEDAN number.

At this point, go to your email account, look for the email message from SMEDAN, view it, download it, and print it out.


How to Apply to Get SMEDAN Loan

You may be asking yourself how to apply for SMEDAN loan and if you qualify for SMEDAN loan.

Here is what you need to know. If you have successfully completed your SMEDAN registration and have your unique SMEDAN number, you qualify to apply for SMEDAN loan.

Before you apply for SMEDAN loan, ensure you apply for loans which relates to your sector so you can be considered for the loan.

Once this is in place, go to the SMEDAN platform and fill the necessary loan form to process loan application.