How to Recover my Yahoo Password | Reset Yahoo Password With Ease

How to Recover my Yahoo Password | Reset Yahoo Password With Ease is a free mail provider that provides a personalized online interface for each and every of its members so as to help them manage their incoming and outgoing mails anytime of the day. Sometimes, we humans make that mistake of merging password characters that we become unable to recall anytime later. It’s always good for one to logout and login an account time after time so as to sustain the occurrence of the password off heart.

Meanwhile, a yahoo account user might see herself in a situation where her account needs to be logged in, in the cause of accessing another account or just to access sent mails. All thanks to that users can still change, reset or recover their password when lost or due. For that reason, you need to observe How to recover my yahoo password.

More to that, some other reasons maybe that you noticed an unauthorized person peeping while logging in your account, you can still change it so as to keep your privacy. Resetting Yahoo password/username is not as hard as you think. Within 10 seconds or a minute at maximum, you must have gotten a new brand password for your yahoo account.

How to Change Yahoo Password

There are several ways for you to save your yahoo account from crashing because any account that is not logged in or accessed for over 12 months will be automatically frozen. So, save your account and save your files by

  • Resetting Yahoo password on mobile
  • Changing Yahoo password on Pc
  • Recovering my Yahoo password with Yahoo mobile app
  • Using my Yahoo security question and answer for recovering the password
  • Yahoo password recovery with at

These are the methods and mediums used by any user that lost contact with his/her yahoo account due to password lost, to get it back on track.

How to Recover my Yahoo Password

  1. Go to Yahoo mail app on your mobile(if you haven’t logged in) or just log onto
  2. Provide your Yahoo Username which is the first request
  3. The next page demands for a password but ignore it, since you forgot
  4. Navigate to “Forgot Password?” and click
  5. Answer the Security questions just as you answered it on the day of account registration
  6. You know that inability to provide matching answer will deny an access
  7. After successfully answering the question, new page will emerge for you to change your password
  8. Input the new chosen password and click on Confirm.

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How to Change Yahoo Password when Logged In

Do you know that you can still change that password while logged in? See how its done

  • Open your Yahoo mobile app and scroll to the Settings through the three horizontal lines
  • Tap on Manage Accounts so that you can locate Account Info
  • Go to Security Settings and tap
  • Agree to Change Password by tapping on the option
  • Enter the new chosen password created before requesting for password changing steps
  • Confirm the entry by entering it twice and then implement it by tapping on Continue.

How To Reset Yahoo Password with Phone Number

At this point, a working Phone number will bee needed for verification. Yes, a verification code will be sent to a registered phone number so as to confirm if the owner is the one requesting for a password change.

  1. So, log onto Yahoo website and indicate that “you are having problem signing in your account” at the first page
  2. Provide the recovery contact address, which is your mobile number
  3. Select the account you wish to change its password if you have other alternative emails linked to same phone number
  4. Verify that you are not a robot by entering the code sent
  5. Change the password to the new password and then click on continue.

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