How to download parallel space on your mobile phones – with google play store.

Do you know how to Create multiple accounts on your mobile phones using Parallel Space?

Parallel Space is an amazing app that lets you run two different accounts simultaneously on one device, is like a “container” app for Android devices.

This App is perfect for people who regularly log in using alternate accounts because it helps you run your favorite programs at the same time instead of always switching back and forth.

Users of Android devices like smartphones and tablets have access to a wide range of apps designed to run on this popular mobile platform, using the Google Play service. Some apps are completely free to use, some require the user to purchase them, while others are somewhere in between.

Some of this Apps are  used to package Android applications for distribution to users though, majority of basic users don’t see or use them.

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Google Play – the most popular mobile marketplace and an official source for Android apps, usually takes care of downloading and installing new apps automatically.

There are also a few competing Apps that can offer multiple accounts easily through the Google Play service but in this article we are going to teach you how to create multiple accounts on your mobile phone using the parallel space.

Parallel space is one the most commonest and easiest way to duplicate apps such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, Imo, Instagram, Snapchat, etc on a smartphone.


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How to Download Parallel Space on Your Phone:

  1. Open the Google Play Store app, (which is already installed on all Android smartphones). Google Play provides you with the opportunity to search or browse for  parallel space to get once it is opened.
  2. Click the search button and type parallel space, since the App is free Google Play takes care of the downloading and installation process for you.
  3. Simply click on the “Install” button to get it.

Certain developers publish their apps directly on their website, on forums or on social media groups, giving users the opportunity to download them without having to use Google Play.

There are also certain apps that many enjoy which can’t be made available through the Google Play Store by the developers as they have content or features that are against its rules. Common examples of this are Apps featuring adult content or which let users wager real money.

Google recently updated its rules on copyright infringement and has removed many apps that allow users to download content from streaming sites like YouTube, access live streaming feeds from various sources without going through their official website or block annoying ads while browsing the web and using other apps.

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