Denmark Fully Funded Scholarship | How to Apply For Katoni Scholarship

Denmark Fully Funded Scholarship | How to Apply For Katoni Scholarship

Denmark Fully Funded Scholarship: Higher education in Denmark is free for students from the EU/EEA and Switzerland. Similarly, if you are participating in an exchange programme, or hold a permanent residence permit, your studies in Denmark are free. All other students must pay tuition fees.

Katoni scholarship Fund Foundation relatively connects researchers and students to their dreams through an academic training rendered for free in Denmark. Students are chosen regardless of their country, age, color or gender. There is no upfront payment for this application, just know how to apply Katoni Scholarship and study in Denmark for free.

Students can apply for a free study in Denmark as this opportunity has unlocked for both international students and Denmark residents. Its free to apply for, and any recipient of this scholarship will bargain a full funding for specified study duration completely. However, beneficiaries are advised to gain an ID in the related institutions before proceeding with an application.

That is to say, you must be a student of any Denmark prestigious university before you become eligible for Katoni Scholarship. Meanwhile, Katoni is responsible for selecting students to be shortlisted but no nominating agency or university will be required for an application to kick start or become completed. More so; you will apply individually while application updates or enlistment notification will drop directly to you.

In that case, observe how to apply katoni scholarship for undergraduates and graduates into all the available disciplines recognized in the scholarship society. Your personal details and personal documents will serve as application contents. Other requirements and nature of this scholarship will be communicated to you, on this page.

How to Apply Katoni Scholarship

Few evaluations will surface your application status. Students demands to apply for katoni scholarship but if you find yourself among the categories below, then you are free to make your application known to our system no later than May 2020:

  • Do you want to start an undergraduate program?
  • Do you need advancement in your related field of study?
  • Have you been unable to startup your next level of study due to financial difficulties?
  • Who wants to study abroad?
  • Hey? Are you ready for your Research program?

If your difficulties fell under these categories listed, then Katoni scholarship is for you. Nothing more can qualify you for this scholarship other than those reasons above and complying to the application regulations. Prior to that, scholarship demands from recipients are listed below.

Requirements from Prospective Recipients of Katoni Scholarship

Katoni scholarship will be taken at Denmark so you should be ready to comply to all these terms and conditions for regular compatibility of you and the scholarship; also, for better accomplishment of your intent for applying for the scholarship:

  • You must agree to be a full-time student of any Denmark University
  • Any university to apply for, must be an institution with related course study
  • On the other hand, the international student must apply with nationality proof
  • Evidence of previously completed study level will be demanded as well
  • Applicant must demonstrate the ability to maintain satisfactory grade points throughout the years
  • Apply no later than May if you really need this scholarship enrolment
  • No restrictions addressed to gender or colour, just that we don’t accept an application for a postgraduate program
  • Fully funding for 2 years(Masters) or 4 years (Bachelors) provided that you worked in Denmark before or once studied in Denmark. No recently, but initially. This connection will evaluate your application to be top considered.

Do’s and Dont’s of the Application

Lets firstly go through the do’s of the application as laid by application guide. Take note of all these warning:

  • You must apply on time and before the deadline
  • Demanded application documents that serve as supporting documents must be submitted alongside the application form
  • Application is sent through email
  • All the application documents must be scanned

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Then, the Dont’s are demonstrated below so that mistakes won’t be made:

  • No multiple applications
  • Don’t apply after the deadline because it won’t be accepted
  • Don’t submit your application elsewhere
  • Submit your application by self so that you can review the application before submission as only the first submitted will represent your desk
  • Applicants shouldn’t submit only the application form because it will lead to invalid categorization.

Katoni Scholarship Application Form

Once you’ve totally agreed and equally decided to apply for katoni scholarship, these are the protocols that are attached to your application:

  1. Submit application via email
  2. 2020 application has closed, so await next scholarship which will be notified hereafter
  3. Email targeted for next application submission will be published once 2021 scholarship is set
  4. Be ready to enjoy up to DKK 10,000 as yearly supportive payment as a recipient of Katoni Scholarship.

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