German Exchange Program | How To Apply for German Courses Online

German Exchange Program | How To Apply for German Courses Online

German Exchange Program: A German student exchange programme can be the path way to study in a German-language university or a career in a multi-national company. By the end of your German student exchange programme, you will have a good feeling for whether or not you might like to pursue a life in Germany.

Its a new acquisition scheme for international students. You will not be influenced with fluency of German language but you will also communicate well in European countries and other German speaking countries. As we all know, German is a widely spoken language in Europe and only Europeans gains its familiarity. Due to the intent of spreading its fluency and naturally blended to other countries, this German Exchange Program was created by the governments as a way of creating speaking efficiency in students.

We still go further in dispersal of the message as the German language speaking aspirants might be one of our readers without our consent. Irrespective of the scholarship level of courses and courses covered, invite any of your friends or relatives passionate about German Language as all the courses will be covered in any of the affiliated universities in Munich or Berlin. The websites governs the simplicity in selection of course level and age gap for international students.

Eligibility is imposed on non-german speaking countries. If your country has no idea of how to speak german language, you are highly welcomed. Start with the transparent application procedures and take time to master all its blended prerequisites from the start to the end. You can still apply for other scholarships from HERE as you have made it a point of duty in learning diverse languages. But for now, lets deliberate more on how to apply for German Exchange Program for foreign students 2020.

Program Duration

Intersetingly, the scholarship covers undergraduates, postgraduates and graduates. All university courses are covered also. You are not going for only the German courses because you are a student with life goals. So, your stay duration depends on the course you are offering and how long the particular course takes. Remember that applying for any degree that exceeded undergraduate must involve the certificate transcript as it serves as evidence for previous programs.

Available Study Level

  • Undergraduates
  • Graduates
  • Postgraduates

Host University

Although there are limitless number of universities participating with this program, the German Exchange Program, you should know that their bases are focused on Berlin and Munich. As promised, selected students of this German Exchange program must access the most prestigious universities in Germany. So, you wouldn’t love to miss this less strict required scholarship for foreign students.

How to Apply for German Exchange Program 

Applicants are instructed to abide by the terms guiding this scholarship and its electronic application. It has been sustaining students and still sustains till date. You can still take up the oppotunity to extend your favorite and friendship circle but now at a very farther place, Germany. As it stands, application portal closed due to current world raging pandemic situation.

You can still be informed of the scholarship application date and deadline if you later still intends to apply for it. Note that your application is considered under specific criteria which we will illustrate here after. So, get to all the policy thoroughly as it tends to guide you through.

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Selection Criteria

  1. You must be a university student or high school student set and up for undergraduate program
  2. Also, your application form reveals your admission number and some other documents that increases the level of its validity
  3. These documents includes:
    1. A motivation letter from a specified management that will be illustrated after
    2. Digital Passport
    3. Proof of citizenship status and rest of them
  4. Scholarship for international students only. This is your time to study abroad. If you are a citizen of any European Country, its better to refrain as you are not qualified for the application
  5. Individuals with any health difficulties, ailments or unfitness are not permitted for application.

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