Glenmore Medical Scholarship | University of Edinburgh Scholarship For Medical Student

Glenmore Medical Scholarship | University of Edinburgh Scholarship For Medical Student

Glenmore Medical Scholarship: The scholarship will cover full tuition fees for the duration of the programme of study. Eligibility: … The scholarship will be awarded on the basis of academic merit and the strength of a personal statement. Candidates must have, or expect to obtain, the overseas equivalent of a UK first-class honours degree.

Glenmore medical online scholarship is a masters program dedicated to all medical students from diverse medical field. As been instructed, specific outlined fields were expressed on the website for interested applicants. Before applicants are qualified for making a move, they will first of all, check the availability of their course of specialization. After the personal awareness, they will apply for studies in University of Edinburgh and become admitted.

Inability to obtain the admission evidence creates non-qualification. Its either you have been admitted but intending to accept the offer or you have finished processing your admission. Note that the scholarship is only for Masters Degree. Students that intends for Masters program must have obtained their bachelor’s degree so they are qualified for application.

In other words, students were further made to understand that applicants are at the high array of being chosen because they are widely selected especially the Africans. So, ensure your qualification appropriately and apply with the measures ensued for all international applicant. However, you should still recall that its an online program so you will study from home.

Courses Offered

These are the medical courses concentrated on this part time online medical pursuit from University of Edinburgh

Clinical Opthalmogy for 2 years

      • Global Health and Infectious Disease for 3 years
      • Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Disease for 3 years
      • Clinical Trials for 3 years
      • Internal Medicine for 3 years
      • Patient Safety and Clinical Human Factors for 3 years
      • Family Medicine for 3 years
      • Vascular and Endovascular Surgery for 3 years
      • Science Communication and Public Engagement for 3 years
      • Paediatric Emergency Medicine for 3 years
      • General Surgery for 2 years
      • Surgical Sciences for 3 years
      • Primary Care Opthalmology for 3 years
      • Trauma and Orthopaedics for 2 years
      • Public Health for 3 years
      • Urology for 3 years
      • Restorative Dentistry for 3 years

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So applicant must have or expect to have a First Class Honors or Uk equivalent before ensuring for the scholarship application. An application without the record evidence won’t be processed or considered. You are expected to become a prominent student among your level before any of these free training will be rendered to you.

Application Instruction

Students that has affirmed their eligibility must apply through the online platform. Interestingly, Its an online application considerate to students from developing countries. So, you must apply before 5th June for the next session. Presently, you cannot apply because the application hasn’t started. We just informed you beforehand.

But we will inform you on the startup date. Check out this page regularly to be informed on the application date. Atleast you have gotten the idea of application closure. Just keep in touch with us to gain another info regarding the startup

Requirement For Glenmore Medical Scholarship

Before qualification of this program – Glenmore Medical Online Scholarship by University of Edinburgh UK is approved, you must bear all of these characters and qualifications

  1. Ensure that you have applied for the university admission and equally accepted too
  2. Student must be ready to startup a masters degree program on next academic session
  3. You must be an applicant from any of the developing countries
  4. Africans are good to go with the application
  5. A talented student with First Class Honors or UK equivalence of that result
  6. Has completed a Bachelor’s Degree program which is the first cycle of studies in any Certified World University
  7. Student must show interest and capability to study from home by applying for the scholarship
  8. Courses aside from these ones listed above are not recognized in this scheme

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