How to Check Ecobank Account Balance With Ease

How to Check Ecobank Account Balance With Ease

Check Ecobank Account Balance: EcoBank is one of the international banks in Nigeria with branches in Ghana, Kenya, Tanzania, and Uganda. The pan-African bank was created when a number of banks on the brink of liquidation several years ago were amalgamated. Today, the bank has grown steadily, and her clientele has increased exponentially across Africa.

EcoBank offers mobile banking services to meet the needs of its customers. Mobile banking provides a way for bank customers to access their account information, make inquiries, and perform primary transactions without having to visit the bank. Some of the transactions available on the mobile banking feature include airtime recharge, funds transfer, bill payments, account balance inquiry, etc.

EcoBank mobile banking feature is available through two channels:

1. The USSD Portal

This is a unique gateway on the mobile banking platform that securely links the customer to his/her account on the bank’s database. When such a connection is established, the customer may perform a number of transactions, such as local funds transfer, account balance checking, etc.

The USSD portal is accessed through a unique shortcode which the customer has to dial from his/her registered mobile phone number, using a network-enabled mobile phone. Once the code is dialed and a connection is established, a number of available options appear.

These options are the services the bank has made available for the customer at that particular time, depending on the type of account and many other factors.

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2. Mobile Bank App

This is the other method. All you need to do is simply open your device’s app store, search for and download the “Ecobank Mobile Banking App”, install, configure, and use, following the instructions.

How to Check EcoBank Account Balance on Phone

  • To check your Ecobank account balance, simply dial *326*0#. You must dial the code using the mobile number linked with your account number and registered with Mobile money.
  • Next, enter your mobile money PIN or the last 4 digits on your ATM Mastercard or Visa Card to confirm your request.

After completing the above steps, you’ll receive a notification displaying your account balance. Also, you’ll get an SMS to confirm your transaction.

Note that:

  • Checking of account balances using USSD code attracts a fee of 20naira only.
  • The service accessible at any time of the day, 7 days a week.
  • You do not require an internet connection to use the code; however, there must be a signal on the network on which you’ll dial the code.

If you want to avoid that fee, the best way to do that is to download and register your Ecobank mobile app, after which you can check your account balance without paying anything. But the thing is, the mobile app requires an internet connection.