How to create Animated GIF – Making Your GIF Image

How to create Animated GIF – A GIF, or Graphics Interchange Format, is a digital image format used to animate short clips that run on a loop. The GIF owes its popularity primarily to Tumblr, where users dedicate entire blogs to the posting of these animated images.

Create Animated GIF with Images

If you’d like to create a GIF using your own images, we recommend using online software tools Gickr or Makeagif.

Software to Create Animated GIFs

Visual GIF Animator is a GIF-creating software that makes it easy to create GIF and AVI files. You can use it to create animated images, banners, and buttons.

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Easy GIF Animator works very similarly to Gickr, allowing you to create images, banners, and buttons. You can also add text, set transparency, and more.

It is also possible to produce a GIF using free software, such as GIMP and Unfreez.

When using these softwares, we recommend choosing images of the same size so that the animation appears uniform. Once you have your images selected, simply select your desired order of appearance and choose the frame rate you’d like to apply.

Once set, you should save your image using the .GIF extension.

Create Animated GIFs with Video

It is possible to create an animated GIF using video. Bloggif and EZGIF are two sites that provide easy tools for creating video GIFs.

Bloggif allows users to import videos with a maximum size of 30 MB. EZGIF will allow you to create GIFs from a video URL or a video on your hard drive.

Software To Create Video GIFs

If you’re looking for software that will allow you to create video GIFs, we recommend using either Format Factory or QGifer.

To create a GIF file from a video, simply import or enter the URL of the desired video, define the beginning and end of your sequence, and then set your size, color, and loop options.

Once you’ve applied your settings, simply preview your GIF to apply the loop, and then hit Save.

Create GIFs From Your Smartphone

There are also a slew of smartphone apps that can help you create your animated GIFs, including Gifx (for iOS) and GIPHY CAM (for Android).

Search For and Find GIFs

If you’re simply looking for the right GIF to share with your friends, you can find animated GIFs on the internet through search engines such as Giphy and Google Images.