How to Transfer Money From First Bank Using First Bank Debit Card on ATM

How to Transfer Money From First Bank Using First Bank Debit Card on ATM

First Bank Automated Teller Machines (ATM) are situated everywhere in Nigeria for money transfer, balance enquiry, withdrawals, airtime recharge and Bill payments. You can also use other bank’s ATM card on First Bank ATM machine. Moreover, we want to show you how you can make transfer from First Bank on ATM. If you have ever found this challenging, then will be happy if you learn this wonderful guide.

First Bank is one of Top 10 Banks in Nigeria, a commercial bank and one of the salary banks for most organisation. The bank has above 1000 workers all over the world and the best ATM services. Meanwhile, according to records, first bank has more ATM stands more than any banks in Nigeria, also the bank has lots of maxi and mini branches all over the country, this mans that, access to first bank in any part of the country at anytime will be easy.

How to Transfer Money From First Bank on ATM

Step one: Insert your ATM card, into the ATM slot, make sure the card is inserted rightly.

Step two: Welcome to First bank ATM, now proceed to enter your PIN, the sme PIN which you have been using to make withdrawals.

Step three: On the next platform, choose what you want to do at the bank, so this time, it’s not withdrawal, therefore choose “Transfer”

Step four: You will be asked to enter the recipients account number, at this point, you have gotten it earlier before mounting the stand, so enter the number and confirm your entry.

Step Five: Choose the bank that has such number and tap on next to proceed.

Step Six: Enter the amount that you wish to transfer and also tap on next, aftermath, the name of the receiver will appear together with the amount you wish to transfer, therefore confirm that you want to perform this transaction by tapping on “Yes”

Step Seven: The command have been initiated, so wait for it to complete.

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Features of First Bank Debit Card

  • Account Balance Enquiry
  • Mini Statement
  • Cash Withdrawal
  • PIN Change
  • Money Transfer
  • Airlines Payment
  • Air Time Recharge
  • Virtual Top Up
  • Bill Payment:
  • Cash Deposit.

Benefits of Using First Bank Debit Card on Transfer

  • Convenience of banking transaction.
  • It is faster and therefore, it saves time.
  • 24-Hour Access to your funds, Customers have easy access to their funds anywhere and anytime
  • Security: It provides full time security for funds since it is safer to carry cards than cash in wallets
  • Other Banks’ customers’ can use it

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