Israel Visa Application form – Apply For Israel Visa

Israel Visa Application form – Apply For Israel Visa

The state of Israel, is a country located in the Middle eastern region on the Mediterranean Sea, Located in Western Asia. The country is a place you will like to go. Filled with historical and biblical proofs. A home source of religion for both Christians and Muslims. Am sure, you will like to see the red sea, the city of Jerusalem, the city of David and lots more. Therefore, you will be learning how to apply for a visa if you are coming in for a visit, also find out how much you will have to pay and the duration.

There are specific requirement guiding any visa application and this is according to the type of visa. The requirements for a Tourist visa application in Israel is not the same with an application for a pilgrimage, Business Medical, Education etc. All visa type has their own separate requirements and we will be looking at that below.

The Israel visa application form English version will be given to you if don’t understand the Israeli language. All forms and application must be filled online or at the Israel embassy in your country

Kinds of Visa in Israel

Tourism and Pilgrimage Visa -This is the kind of visa given to those who are coming into Israel for tours or for pilgrimage, they documents listed on this page are what they will have to come with during their interview.

Business Visa – This is the kind of visa is given to those who are coming into Israel to trade or start up an investment. Applicant who will be coming for anything business related will have to use this kind of visa application form to apply. Applicants must present upon interview an evidence of business or employment. A document like employment letter, business undertaken, business incorporation or business registration documents can as well serve.

Higher Education and Training Visa: If you have gained an admission, a scholarship or have got a training. To be done in Israel, you must apply using this kind of visa. The requirements for this kind of visa in addition to the ones listed above, except the business documents etc. is what you must bring.  Also, you must come with your admission letter or a proof of scholarship or an invitation for a training.

Medical Visa – Israel medical infrastructure is one of the best in the world. A lot of people travel form far countries to come for treatment in Israel. So, if you want to come to Israel for a medical attention specifically, you can apply using a Medical visa, however, if you are in the state of Israel already when this sickness started, you may not need to travel back to start the application afresh. Simply apply using this visa type when coming from your country for a medical attention.

Israel Visa Application Requirements

  • Applicant must have an international passport with minimum six months validity date
  • Applicants must print and present a statement of bank account for a six months transactions
  • Two colored passport photograph is require
  • A filled and well signed copy of Israel visa application form
  • A non-refundable fees as charged by via type
  • A confirmation slip of payment of hotel and airline flight
  • applicants flying with children under the ages of 18 years must present their birth certificates
  • Indicate the proof or the purpose of applying
  • Applications must be presented in person by the person applying for the visa

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Visa Application and Submission Dates

Apply for a via from Monday to Frida between 10:00 Am to 1:00 PM

Collections usually done between Monday to Thursday at 2:30 PM  (14:30) to 4:00 (16:00)

Note: the Embassy is not always opened during festive occasions.

General Instructions.

This instructions below are for those who will like to meet with the Consular in person

You are to come with your passport ID

  • Do not carry a huge suitcase or handbag
  • No beverages, bottle containers are allowed
  • For security reasons, you will be thoroughly searched
  • No personal beginnings will be allowed entry with the applicant

Israel Visa Application form English Version

The easel visa application takes us 14 working days to push through, if you want to apply for a visa now you can log online to their website to download the visa form or click on here link below to download the pdf copy. If you have any questions or opinions you can drop that in the comment box below.

Israel Visa application form.