NYSC Discharge Certificate Number | Everything You Need to Know

NYSC Discharge Certificate Number | Everything You Need to Know

The NYSC certificate number is a unique number that is assigned to every NYSC Certificate. This number is written at the top right side of NYSC certificates. In his article, you will get to understand what NYSC discharge certificate number and when you can get it.

NYSC Certificate number verification is the process of checking whether the NYSC certificate you have is authentic or fake. You may be wondering if there is a need to verify your NYSC Certificate Numbers.

Yes, there is need for certificate verification because of circulation of fake NYSC certificates nowadays. And also to be on safe side when seeking for a job.

About NYSC

The NYSC scheme was established to reconcile, reconstruct and rebuild the country after the civil war. The National Youth Service Corps was created in 1973. One of the main purpose of this scheme is cultivation of national unity.

The scheme was designed to help solve many social problems and encourage integration among the different ethnic groups in Nigeria. Among the many goals of NYSC are:

  • Development of the country’s economy
  • Cultivation of unity among every part of the country
  • Ensuring equal opportunities for all citizens
  • Development of patriotism

NYSC Discharge Certificate Number

NYSC discharge number is printed on the top right corner of the certificate. The NYSC discharge number format is A00 followed by seven digits. Do not confuse it with call-up number. The certificate should be verified.

For this purpose, you can send a letter with a request for verification to the NYSC. You should have photocopies of every single certificate you intend to verify. The call-up number consists of the combination of abbreviation of the states where you were posted to serve.

This certificate is very important for Nigerian graduates; it almost impossible for graduates to get a job in Nigeria without it, except in cases of NYSC exemption or exclusion. The main idea behind the NYSC scheme is to nurture a healthy society with the help of young people.

How to Verify NYSC Certificate numbers

This can be done in two ways;

  1. Online Verification,
  2. Offline Verification.

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Online Verification (service cost is #2000)

Below are how to verify NYSC Certificate online;

  1. Go to NYSC verify portal at https://verify.nysc.org.ng
  2. Click on “Proceed to Verification” button
  3. Enter your Username and Password
  4. Click Login


  • For existing user, log in with your username and password
  • If you have forgotten your password, click on the “Forget password” link
  • For New Users, click on the “Sign-up link.

Note: Data is available from 2010, Batch A till date. Only data from 2014, Batch C till date has full details.

Offline Verification

To verify NYSC Certificate offline, follow the steps below;

  1. Write a letter of request for verification of certificate number to NYSC. Address the letter to “Director-General, National Youth Service Corps, Directorate Headquarters, Plot 416, Tigris Crescent, Maitama, Abuja.” That is the address you should address your letter to.
  2. The request letter must be marked “Attention: Director (Corps Certification)”.
  3. Make a photocopy of the certificate you want to verify and attach to the request letter.
  4. If you want to verify multiple certificates, then number serially with a pen the photocopies of the certificates, and attached to the letter.

Below are certificates that NYSC can verify

  • Discharge Certificate,
  • Exemption Letter,
  • Exclusion letter

The Submittion of NYSC Certificate verification

Submit the letter to the NYSC Director-General’s Registry at the 6th floor of the National Youth Service Corps Headquarters complex (Yakubu Gowon House). After submitting the letter, then wait for a reply.

Note: Make sure you provide your Email address, phone number and contact address so that NYSC can contact you after verification.

Another reason to verify your NYSC Certificate is that the question about the authenticity of your NYSC certificate can come up during a job interview.

So, you should be able to provide the employer with the verified NYSC certificate number.

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