NYSC Green Card | Guide To Print NYSC Green Card

NYSC Green Card | Guide To Print NYSC Green Card

During online registration at the NYSC portal, your registration will not be completed until you print your NYSC Green Card slip. It is not literally green in colour. The word ‘Green’ only shows how important the document is. In this article, you will learn all you need to know.

The NYSC Green Card is an online registration print out slip. It’s printed after online registration showing that your registration is successful. It is also needed at NYSC orientation for physical verification.

Features of NYSC Green Card

The Green Card contains the following information;

  1. NYSC Logo, with NYSC letter heading including the head office address
  2. Batch you are currently in and year of service
  3. Call-up number: it’s a unique identification number that NYSC assign to every prospective corps member.
  4. Personal Details: this includes, your name, date of birth, state of origin, and so on.
  5. Contact: Your address, phone number and state visited.
  6. Next of kin details: Name, number and address of your next of kin
  7. Education qualification: Grade, Institution, year of graduation, course of study.
  8. Kits Specification Details: Your NYSC kit size as chosen during online registration.

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The card can only be printed online after completing your online registration. There’s no other way it can be gotten except by printing it out.

How to Print NYSC Green Card

  1. Go to the NYSC portal at portal.nysc.org.ng
  2. Login to your dashboard with your registered e-mail address and password
  3. Click “Resume”. Look for “Print Slip button
  4. Click “Print Slip”.

Once you click on ”Print slip”, a new screen will open up showing preview of your Green Card, as shown below:

  1. Look at the top right corner of the preview page, you will see two small Icon; one is for printing and the other is for downloading.
  2. Click on arrow 1 to print or 2 to download as applicable

What next after Printing

  1. Sign it: kindly sign the Green card using Biro ink, on the space provided at the right bottom side of the slip. Also, write the date you signed close to your signature.
  2. Photocopy: Make about four(4) photocopies of the signed copy.
  3. Keep it safe: Keep your card safe because you will need to submit it at the NYSC orientation Camp
  4. Wait for Call-up letter: Call-up letter will be sent to you by NYSC after some days of printing your Green Card

Sample of the NYSC Green Card

Before you print another thing, let me quickly show you the sample, so that you will be sure of what you printed.

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