OPPORTUNITIES ONLINE – DIGITAL MARK€TING STRATEGIES – HOW ₿£$T TO ATTRACT ₿U¥€R$: Currently, we live in a world that is continually evolving and competitive. The idea in our world is “The most convincing wins”. For everything one produces, you may have hundreds and thousands of others producing it. Even if it’s a disruptive technology, give it time some others will also delve into it. It’s like a battle for survive where the strongest warrior wins.

Stay Put

At the end of this article, I am going to be giving you some secret sales tips from best-selling author and Coach Brian Tracy

Many companies spend millions and billions of dollars trying to market their products. Some even spend more money on marketing than on production. The truth is any company that puts most energy combined with intelligence wins the battle.

How ₿£$T TO ATTRACT ₿U¥€R$ 2019

In 2019, there slightly may be some alterations in attracting prospective buyers. No business desires to be put outside of the market and that is why they will use celebrities and athletes for advertisement.

The Secret to Attract Buyers

Beyond the fact that there are many patterns to follow if you truly desire to make sales and grow your business. This secret am going to be sharing is used by most social media platforms like;

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • Twitter
  • Snapchat
  • Pinterest

And the rest of them

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The Secret is “Attention Engineering”

Attention Engineering is also studied as a course in some top-ranking Institutions. This deals more with psychology than engineering. And those who study it make a lot of box for themselves and for the companies they work with. Most companies keep this very secret from the public that they don’t even know a department of such exists in the company.

You see these companies using Athletes and Celebrities as ambassadors, it all deals with attention engineering. Attention engineering is the secret behind the social media platforms we use. Have you ever wondered why these platforms keep introducing new features?

It is because they are devising means to keep you more on their platforms because the longer you stay the more money they make. I am very sure they are times you’ve found yourself on Facebook and you wanted to sign out but you just kept coming across things that caught your attention so much you couldn’t drop your device.

I know I just gave you a buster. The people behind these are trained professionals and the idea behind what they do is to control human behavior and make them think what they want them to. Early psychologists like Sigmund Freud had a great role to play in the experimental part of this study.

Do you know that in Las Vegas, this is what they use to capture the attention of gamblers? In the Casino you find gamblers losing lots of cash but are still playing.

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Some even go home with nothing after hoping to still win and again and again and again they keep coming back. The casino organizers have succeeded in creating an environment with the use of Attention Engineering to make people see loosing as nothing and to make more money for themselves.

This is a tool for creation and also destruction. Some social media connectivity platforms create games on their platforms to keep you there (Facebook Games). Others create ranks for individuals which are boosted by how long they stay on the platform. It’s just like the military where the person with a higher rank is superior. These get teenagers most excited as they consider themselves more superior to others.

In the casinos, the arrangement of the tables and the positioning of the lights arranged in such a way that keeps peoples mind more on the game than just in their pockets. This is literally psyching people or hypnotizing them by control their behaviors and actions.

Don’t switch off yet

Attention engineering doesn’t only work on social media and casinos. It can work in just any business. In marketing your products as a sales agent or company it is important you make research on this or you send some of your team leaders for a course on this.

Think about the power of getting peoples attention and making them buy even if they never wanted to. Attention Engineering deals with a lot of things like color, shape, words and lots more. Business is now beyond trying to persuade customers to buy your products by just sending out salesmen. Any salesman who understands this psychology will win.

This kind of engineering may be used in your adverts and advert placements. You may not need to even say a word but because you understand human psychology and what gets their mind hunger for something, you can make sales with ease.

If you can understand this, no matter how young your company may be, it can start ranking as one of the tops in the world just in a few years. Human psychology is the key to sales and if you want to have an amazing 2019, I will advise you to make quality research on this subject with your team and in your first meeting for the year, implement it into your marketing for your products.

What some companies and salesmen do not ask themselves is “If someone marketed to me in the form am doing now, would I want to buy?” So ask yourself that question and answer it. You would discover your answer may not be pleasing. So you see why psychology is very important in sales.

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7 Sales Tips By Brian Tracy

As promised these are Brain Tracy’s secret sale tips what will improve your sale;

  • Prospect and speak to the right people
  • Build rapport and trust with those people
  • Ask them questions and identify their needs
  • Make a presentation and show them your product
  • Answer the objections
  • Close the sale
  • Get resale and referrer

In addition, he said;

  • Focus on a relationship rather than a sale
  • Customers only buy improvement
  • The key to making a sale is to ask really good questions
  • Selling takes place in words but buying takes place in silence