How Precious Ngwu Got His Start – Amazing Story Of Precious Ngwu & His Early Start

How Precious Ngwu Got His Start – Amazing Story Of Precious Ngwu & His Early Start

In the world of Nigerian digital marketing, the way forward has often been seen as very expensive and difficult to undertake. The lack of infrastructure along with a lack of a customer base makes building a digital business in Nigeria not as lucrative as some other markets, however when you have someone who is determined, then it is entirely possible to make great things happen, and at the forefront of marketing in Nigeria is none other than Precious Ngwu (he’s popularly known on social media as Precious Ng).

The reality is Nigerian marketing back in 2008 was what Americans would call the wild west. This means that digital marketing in Nigeria had little in the way of structure and laws. So, that means a lot of people can try their hands but at the end of the day, there isn’t much that can come about unless you have a combination of drive along with a relentless streak of inventiveness and willingness to try anything and everything in order to be successful.

So, how did Precious Ngwu get started?

It was very simple – dreaming of become financially free was a pre-requisite but then it takes lots of research along with knowing how to get involved with the right ideas and the right people. Precious Ngwu knew that to become a successful digital marketer as African, it takes knowledge of the different parts of the Nigerian market along with the many different opportunities available.

Though the infrastructure in Nigeria is lacking, when someone is resourceful enough to take initiative then that person is going to be a trailblazer. In the case of Precious Ngwu, the trail for Nigerian digital marketing may have started with some others, but few have the track record of amazing success when combining vision along with the platforms like Warrior Plus, InfusionSoft, JVZoo, Clickbank, and Markethealth.

How Precious Ngwu Got His Start

So, how is it possible for someone like Precious Ngwu to be successful in such a tough international market?
It’s very easy to understand why Precious Ngwu is someone who stands out in relation to all the other marketers not only in the country of Nigeria but on the whole continent of Africa, from what I know he spent his early years online between 2008 – 2010 doing research, developing sellable skills and burning the midnight oil so bad you’ll think he was studying for his medical license. The reality is when you understand the essentials of marketing and you’re relentless never letting go, you will be sure to grow your footprint in the internet marketing and of course generate greater revenue than most people.

This is what sets Precious apart from every regular Nigerian marketer you’ll meet, his drive is out of this world, even though he’s successful already, he still pursues his goals with the same relentless spirit he had wayback in 2009 when he was still a fresher to the game, when you have someone with that dogged attitude, it’s easier to imagine how to they could break regional and market barriers to achieve tremendous Clickbank and JVZoo success.

Though, the most question I hear people ask is how he (Precious Ngwu) was able to go from being just some marketing guy in Nigeria to someone who is dominating the market and becoming the fast rising African marketer that is the envy along the entire continent.

To understand this, let me take you back a little… Precious Ngwu started selling digital products online (ebooks mostly) at the age of 14 way back in 2008 and made his first million naira at the age of 15 (this is at age when most people in Nigeria are still struggling with their Secondary school teachers). Later he helped lots of young Nigerians back in 2008, 2009, 2010 to start working online and earning a living while in school.

Never being satisfied, he wanted more and thus moved away from the local market to enter the ever competitive international marketing scene. His first move was to join ClickBank. He struggled a lot but later started succeeding on both Clickbank and MarketHealth.

How Precious Ngwu Got His Start

As one the earliest adopters of Fiverr, he made a lot of money freelancing there and used the money earned to pursue online career further. Finally, he attempted to kickstart his product launch career with Google Detonator which sold a little over 100 copies though luckily for him, this led to him being discovered by Indian power seller Aravindh Shridhar which spurned off a great partnership leading to launch of Google Detonator 2.0 that instantly became a Best Seller in the first week selling out thousands of copies.

What does all this mean for people who are interested in affiliate marketing. The reality is that Precious Ngwu has created a system that rewards his hustle. For him, building a business that had great success was a calling. The reality is the reason he built his business quickly and successfully is because he checked out the different market trends and adjusted his business accordingly.

Understanding trends and getting ahead of them is the lifeblood of Precious Ngwu’s success. When you look at the success in the different areas, this comes into view even more clearly. Perhaps, though, the stats don’t tell the whole picture. In that sense, what you need to look for is the common thread. The thread here is understanding the different platforms, how they work, and what they can do for you.

The key is when you understand the platforms, then you understand the opportunities for aggressive affiliate marketers. Ultimately though, the key for Precious Ngwu has nothing to do with platforms – it has everything to do with his ability to understand the needs of different customers.

The reason why he’s so successful is his customers are the core of his business. He anticipates their needs and this is something he has been doing all his life – long before he ever got involved in digital marketing. And once he worked within each platform and then took the long view with his customer base, he began the process which has turned him into one of the world’s premier affiliate marketers.

Since 2014, Precious Ngwu is responsible for generating millions of dollars. The platforms of JVZoo, Clickbank, and Markethealth allow this thanks to the viability of affiliate marketing. With affiliate marketing, the key is the virality of the marketplace. In fact, the secret of Precious Ngwu’s success comes from his exceptional understanding of the affiliate marketing marketplace. Since 2014, he has built campaigns that succeed because the amount of affiliates involving themselves in these plans is far more than many other marketers.

In fact, it is beyond true to say that when it comes to affiliate marketing, he is the premier authority within Nigeria. There are many campaigns that can easily be traced back to him, but the truth is when dealing with these campaigns, the best way to understand them is that the campaign itself is successful when it doesn’t bear a striking resemblance to other successful campaigns.

How Precious Ngwu Got His Start

This means the strength of his campaigns along all of these platforms is unique because it is wildly different and diverse. The strength of a great marketing professional is the ability to form your ideas into different campaigns and have those campaigns be organic and successful based on their merits.

So, when you look at why campaigns succeed, platform matters, content matters, and ultimately results matter, but it makes even more sense to look at the process. Here’s what we have seen from Precious Ngwu dating all the way back to 2014 – a consistent drive to be the top of the industry not just in Nigeria, but internationally as well.

Being a fast rising African marketing professional is not easy, but when you understand the pressure points of your targets and are able to position products as the solution, these are the basics of marketing and when done well they lead to great success.

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How great is the success of Precious Ngwu? Well, just look at last year’s results. In marketing, the results of a previous year come from the foundation established in the prior years. In the case of all digital marketing specialists, this is no different. In fact, though digital marketing has more potential for growth, the way Precious Ngwu’s marketing influence has grown is the same organic formula that has been successfully applied by all the past marketing greats. So, here’s what you need to know about the results.

Last year alone, Precious Ngwu grossed over $4,000,000 in American dollars, which is 1.2 billion in Nigerian Naira. Now, consider the relative size of the Nigerian market along with the relative wealth within that same marketplace, and there is no way that you can’t help but be amazed with this success.

The truth is the marketplace has provided incredible wealth in a developing country.

So, here’s the reality, when you are looking for a track record of success in the world of affiliate marketing, the track record of Precious Ngwu stands far above the rest of his contemporaries. In fact, when you look at last year’s success alone, what you find is that having the right marketer for your campaigns makes all the difference. In fact, the success of your campaign has a relationship that directly corresponds to that of your marketing professional that is associated with the campaign.

This is not to say that it’s a guarantee of success, but, when you look at the results in the Nigerian market, the reality is that there is no better of a fast rising African marketing professional than Precious Ngwu. The results speak for themselves, and, if your business makes the right choice, the results will speak for your business and add incredible credibility to everything and anything that is associated with your brand. Regardless of the products, affiliate marketing is the cornerstone for any business, and that’s why having the right marketing professional matters.


How Precious Ngwu Got His Start – Amazing Story Of Precious Ngwu & His Early Start

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