How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages- (Step By Step Guide)

How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages

Did you ever delete your Facebook messages, either by mistake or intentionally and now you want to retrieve deleted Facebook messages, those important messages which you have deleted.

This tips provided here aim help you see subsequent Facebook messages of yours should you ever decide to delete your messages in future, except before now you have carried out these tips we are about to teach you here.

Practically, it is not possible to retrieve deleted Facebook messages as long as you have deleted them, definitely not from your Facebook inbox. Thus the essence of this article is to avail you the options and tips with which you can always get a copy of your deleted Facebook messages in case you ever delete them for any reason.

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We will be guiding you with couple of things to do with your email for Facebook notifications.

How To Retrieve Deleted Facebook Messages ( METHOD 1)

Checking your email notification to see if the are set to receive message notifications.

To do this;

1. Log in to your Facebook account ( Visit, enter your email and password)

2. Click “Settings”

(To see the “Settings”, click on the downward-facing triangle on the top right corner of your Facebook page, very close to the “lock” icon with three horizontal bars. Just within the drop-down menus you will see “Setting” among other options like “Activity Log”, “Log Out”, “Help” etc.)

Having clicked settings, you will see “Notifications”


3. Click on “Notifications” settings ( The Notification tab is by the left side of the “Settings window”

After clicking notification, you will see a list of four options by the right side of the screen, it includes; “On Facebook”, “Email”, “Mobile” and “Text messages”.


4. Click on “Edit” just next to the “Email” Notifications setting ( The “Edit” is in blue, just right to the “Email”


5. Having clicked “Edit”, you’ll see  What you are set to receive.
( Within there, you will see three options beneath a heading that says “What you’ll receive”. And except you have chosen to receive “All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from”, you won’t be receive messages notifications to your email inbox.)

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6. Check your turned off notifications.
( Under “What You’ll Receive”, you will see the heading “Notifications You’ve Turned Off”. Beneath that heading, if you see the word “Messages”, with a “Turn On” button to the right of it, you are not receiving email notifications of your Facebook messages to your email inbox. If you don’t see that, you should be receiving message notifications)


7. Check your email
(If your notifications settings are set to email “All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from” and “Messages” does not show up under “Notifications You’ve Turned Off”, you should be receiving a copy of all your Facebook messages to your email inbox.)

But in case you do not find the message easily, you can search for the messages with some relevant words (key words) such as the name of the the person you have communicated with.

You can also check in your email trash as you may still have some of your deleted inbox messages in there.



1. Log in to your Facebook

2. Locate and click on “Settings” (Check as describe in method 1, above)

3. Open “Notifications” settings

4. Edit Email Notification settings. (Where you will see “On Facebook”, “Email”, “Mobile”, and “Text Message” just as described above in method 1)

5. Make sure you select to receive “All notifications, except the ones you unsubscribe from”. (You will see this in email notifications window, under “What you’ll receive”)

6. Turn on “Messages” notifications. (In case you don’t receive messages notifications before in your inbox, you will see this option to “Turn On” the notifications in the email notifications window. Simply click on the “Turn On” button to the right of “Messages” to ensure you receive copies to your email address which you have associated with your Facebook account.

Having taken these actions, you can now delete Facebook messages without fear of losing them. And if you think someone may have access to your email inbox, and as such may likely delete the messages, you can as well decide to move your inbox messages to another private email account of yours.

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