Turkish Scholarship for Nigerians | International Scholarships Update

Turkish Scholarship for Nigerians | International Scholarships Update

Turkish Scholarship for Nigerians: This is a turkey government issued and granted scholarship for Nigerians and other international students. It contains bachelors degree, masters degree and PhD degree. As an on-going Turkish scholarship for Nigerians, you need to apply as an aspirer before its deadline.

Application is free and 99% of your education expenses has been funded for. You have more than enough to obtain from the scholarship addressed to Nigerian students, international students and other Africans. In this context, you have to indicate preferred university during application.

However, you pick an exam screening destination by yourself. Accessing the website portal is always simple. Your only job is to indicate your course, education level and choice of institution Candidates should be cognizant of that. On a more serious note, the application deadline differs and must be applied before deadline including co-application documents and eligibility met by aspirant applicants.

So, who wants to study abroad? Since you are ready to apply for Turkish scholarship for Nigerians and international students then, we are ready to see you through the pathway. Do not see it as a challenge because your dreams will be fulfilled before you know it. This scholarship has vogue of graduates, PhD holders and ambassadors out there. You can become an alumni with the exposition obtained on this page. Note: You’ll get all you need for this application.

Requirements for Turkey Scholarship

  • Students must have foreign citizenship. Turkish students are not qualified. You can be a Hungarian, African, European, or any other city aside Turkey itself
  • Students applying for a non-English speaking country must undergo one-year foreign language program for gratified certification
  • If you are into any japan university, before getting the application, you must develop an interest in
  • Further Mathematics and also have gone a long way in it. Make sure of becoming a perfect defendant in that aspect
  • Your course must be identified during application
  • There are more than one scholarship present in Turkish scholarship for Nigerians, select a convenient and well-suitable for your journey
  • Research on any university before inputting as choices because over three universities will be identified during application but single institution will be elected by the management
  • You mustn’t study in Turkey, you can study in Japan, China, Algeria, Tunisia, Egypt etc
  • Clear proof of academic records and attained degree transcripts/records

Turkish Scholarship for Nigerians

Funded by Turkey government and issued to diverse students for free. So, international students are invited solemnly into this fully funded scholarship award for no single specified country. Students are granted the wish to make a free choice from over 100+ universities affiliated with Success scholarships for undergraduates.

An act of conscientious is applied during the application form fill-out as any error detected leads to application rejection and total eviction. However, is for both male and female plus other aims detected below for online application:


Fully Funded Scholarship for Ethiopians with Free Visa

Emory University Scholarships and Grants


To proceed, you must have obtained your degree at a bachelor level not less than one year back Then, Medical students especially in Pharmacy, Dentistry, Medicine and Surgery must have or over 2.50 GPA while others are entitled to not less than 3.00 before qualification is attained.

How To Apply

There is a limited ground for the application. Students are urged to apply on time fore October 31, 2020. Go to https://tbbs.turkiyeburslari.gov.tr/auth/register to create a student account with Success Scholarship website. Get the application form, fill and submit it, in addition with O’Level Certificate with certified signature and stamp from the office, a copy of applicant ID or passport ( pick the available document for application)

PhD Scholarship for International Students

Government of Turkey are glad to announce this section of scholarship to interested international students that have attained to the second-cycle of academics and also set for third-cycle. This turkiye scholarship has a well-structured background for aspiring phd holders. Before your course programme starts, a one year turkish language course will be completed by these candidates.

Approved candidates are annually offered:

  • Full tuition fee
  • Monthly stipend of a specified amount
  • Hostel
  • Health Insurance
  • Airline ticket

Therefore, apply here before February 20, 2020 or await for another year to apply. Don’t miss it again with our updates. Drop your email address or phone number, any of the preferred can serve.

BEA Undergraduate Scholarship

With Federal Ministry of Education Scholarship for Undergraduates, you can study in Egypt, Algeria, Morocco, Turkey, Cuba, Hungary, Mexico, Russia and Japan. Applicants aiming to study in any of these country must complete the one year foreign language course before the undergraduate program proceeds. Regardless of the above, both genders are urged to apply beforehand for there are limited opportunities for students on this avenue

Recognized BEA Courses

  1. Geology
  2. Mathematics
  3. Social Science and Humanities
  4. Mathematics
  5. Engineering
  6. Agricultural Sciences
  7. Biology – Biotechnical
  8. Architecture etc.

Application Form