Winners Golden Bet Guide: How to Check Bet Slip Without Mistake

Winners Golden Bet Guide: How to Check Bet Slip Without Mistake

Winners Golden Bet – Let’s face it, sometimes we run short of money, yeah there’s no hard feeling about it , it happens to everybody and placing a few bets isn’t bad at all , the important thing is that its legal. Although it comes with its few risks but it’s something any one can handle, you just have bet responsibly.

In this article, you will basically be learning how to check bet slip on winners Golden bet.

Checking your bet slip on Winners Golden Bet is pretty simple, all you need to do is just to login to their website which is betslip, just after the page has open, locate the top right side of the page, you will see the check option, hit on it and it will take you right to where you will input your slip ID, then hit on show option, it will show you if you won or not

– Checking bet slip through mobile app

Another way you can check you bet slip is through their mobile app. Personally I love using the mobile app; it looks cool and easy to locate options too. There are actually two ways you can check your bet using this medium.

First, we have the old-fashioned way which usually involves manually inserting the bet ID and the second is actually the modernized way, here you scan your bet slip using your phone camera.

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The two different method are good, you can chose from any of them  but personally I would recommend you use the second method , it’s much more easier and faster the only problem is that it doesn’t work on some category of phone  and you would need a reasonable amount of data to scan the bet slip. Here is how to go about the modern method;

Visit Hit on the Open Scanner button. You should have the needed app (zing barcode scanner) already installed on your phone, you will then be redirected to the page, there you can download the app . But for those who already have it, just select it from the list that pops up.

This will open the barcode scanner app. Use the app to scan the barcode on your bet by pointing your camera in the direction of the barcode.

Ensure that your camera is correctly pointed on the barcode or it may not good and that the whole barcode is in the frame, so that you can scan it correctly. If that is correctly done, you should be taken to a page containing all the necessary information on your bet slip.

Often time the page might say your device is not compatible enough to scan the barcode or you simply do not want to install any apps on your phone, just follow the other method Slip ID the same way you would on the desktop version on the website and press Search.  And one more thing, don’t forget to insert the bet ID correctly (the bet ID is usually a  13 digit on the bet slip.

– Things to consider before placing a bet on Winners Golden Bet

One mistake people make when betting is that they just place a bet without actually considering certain factors. For instance before placing any bet especially when it involves football, you should consider the statistic performance of the football club you are betting, what was their previous performance? What is their all-round performance when it comes to that particular football club they are facing, what is the condition of their player? Is  a key player in the club  having injury? Considering all this is crucial.

You don’t need to do the statistics on your, there are website that are specifically designed for this, some of the website are, and many others. But personally I prefer it’s more concise and it look more professional compared to

I would also advice that you visit some notable site prediction site to consider the take on the particular club you’re betting on. Truth is the owners of this site are professional  and often time there’re prediction turn out to be true, not all of them though and not all their prediction turn out true but majority do.

Don’t just go and bet on the Game they predicted, just compare what you want to bet with that of the website, it will give you an insight of what you should bet.  One of the website with amazing prediction accuracy is

And lastly, you should consider the odds, yeah! Odds too are important thing to consider. A football club with 50 would in most cases mean they won’t win, not in all circumstance though.

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