Job posting sites in UK – 10 job posting sites in UK

10 Free Job posting Sites in UK – Post Unlimited Jobs Ads as Employer.

Are you an employer looking to hire an employee for the job you want get done? Then, the following sites would be of great benefit to you. As we know, to attain success in business, is dependent on so many things like technical know-how and quality of the people working in such business.

Because of this fact, well qualified workers are usually sought in order for a business of any kind to thrive and attain success. Unfortunately, the choice of getting a qualified staff worker to handle a particular job in order to maximize profits then puts the employer in a very tight corner, as he’s faced with the high cost of hiring a good employee. This is because every employer wants to maximize profit and minimize cost.

Nevertheless, employers can still post their jobs freely on the following sites to be listed, and get an employee of choice to work out the job.



In this list we bring to you list of sites on which you can post your jobs and get good employees to work them out for you.

1. UK Staff Search – UK Based Job Posting Site For Recruiters

( UK Staff Search – UK Based Online Job Posting Site )

UK staff Search is one of the most popular online free job sites in United Kingdom. With UK Staff Search, your jobs is displayed among varieties of good employees through the ads that are distributed over range of network. This helps get the best employee for a specific job.

2. Gigajob – Get your job posted here
( Gigajob – One Of The Job Posting Sites )

Gigajob is one good site you can post your job even for free. Gigajob allows you the opportunity to either post jobs free or pay a token fee. The free account runs only for 30 days. Gigajobs creates room for you to chose employee of your choice even as you cannot attach your contacts on the job ads.

3. Trovit – A Very Good Online Job posting site

( Tovit – A very good online posting site for UK )

In posting your job on Trovit, it provides you with the tips that will guide your chances of hiring the best employee for the job you have posted.

For instance, the job title should be short and specific. Salary should be put in a separate section of the post, not in the title.

Once you have posted your ad successfully, you can access the control panel from where you can manage all the inquiries and follow up those that relate to suitable candidates.

4. Viva Street – Post Local Classified Adverts

( Viva Street – For local classified Ads and job posting for UK )

Viva Street is one of the job posting sites connecting the employers and the job seekers in one place.

On Viva Street, job posting is free and very easy to run. With Viva, you’ll get to advertise your jobs so that you would high the employee most suitable for the job.

5. Indeed – One Of The Good Job Posting Sites

( Indeed – One Of the best UK based Online job portal )

Indeed is one of the good job posting sites, that allows employers to connect with potential employees or job seekers. By providing solutions on creating such connections, it is employer friendly and all you need to do is to open an account the site and post your job ad just for free.

6. Craigslist – Job Posting Site For UK Based Employer

( Craigslist – UK Based Job Employment portal )

In Craiglist, employers are provided with the solution of connecting with the most suitable candidate for their job. With wide variety of classified ads, and different categories of listing.

7. 4UKjobs – classic job posting Site

( 4UKjobs – One of the UK Based Online Job Employment Sites )

4UKjobs is among the job posting sites you can find in UK. With 4UKjobs, employers stand the chances of connecting with suitable employee as there are thousands of job seekers on this site. By creating a common ground for employers and job seekers, it make hiring much easier.

8. OMG Recruitment – The Recruiters Job Site

( OMG Recruitment – Job Recruitment Site )

OMG Recruitment is seen as the UK’s freshest and most innovative free job posting site. Established in 2010, it covers recruitment in all sectors and offers job nationwide, while matching the employer and employee.

9. Monster – Provides Opportunity for Variety Of Jobs

( Monster – Providing Common Ground for Employer and Employee )

Monster helps recruiters connect with potential job seekers with customised solution for matching the right people to the right job. With monster you can search for over 200,000 jobs and be sure of getting the right candidate for your job.

10. Reed – One Of The Job Posting sites For Employers

( Reed – One of the UK based job posting sites )

Reed provides opportunity for lots of job with good search facilities. It enables room to chose from from the variety of jobs while matching the employee with the right employee suitable for their jobs.