Precious Ngwu One of the JVZoo’s Top Digital Marketing Professionals alongside Todd Gross, Sam Bakker, Simon Warner, Jimmy Kim etc – See Their Secrets Here

Precious Ngwu One of the JVZoo’s Top Digital Marketing Professionals alongside Todd Gross, Sam Bakker, Simon Warner, Jimmy Kim etc – See Their Secrets Here

When you think of platforms for affiliate marketing, invariably one of the most well-known of these platforms is JVZoo. JVZoo provides tremendous opportunities for vendors and affiliate marketers to get the promotion they need along with developing the leads and product sales for all different types.

There are many people who have used JVZoo to some success, but the reality is you are not reading this article to hear about moderate success, you are very interested in the Top JVzoo Vendors, their secrets and how they have managed to turn JVZoo into a successful enterprise that gives them financial independence.

So what are you looking for when you evaluate the Top selling JVZoo vendors of all time? The critical things to look for are their earnings along with their client lists. There are many other important considerations as well, especially important is to learn about their strategy.

When you understand the strategy then what you are going to do is be best able to emulate what these titans of JVZoo do well. When you can emulate them, then what will happen is you will emulate their earnings – and who would not want to do that?

The reality is not everyone is equipped to be the person who becomes the best at different things like affiliate marketing through JVZoo. There are key elements that every great affiliate marketing professional has, and first among those traits is a zeal to be great.

The affiliate marketers who are at the top of the industry are people who don’t take no for an answer. They are always looking for the next great product and are fearless about promoting it. They don’t expect to fail, but if they do fail, they look at it as a setback and learn from their mistakes. This is why they’re great – they’re indefatigable. Another key element they possess is an ability to understand their niche market.

Having a niche market is critical for success. Many marketers try to focus on every single entity but don’t have great success. They are spread too thin. There are exceptions to this rule like Precious Ngwu, but the reality is even he has a certain area that he focuses on and that’s why he’s as successful as he is.

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All the different successful affiliate marketers know their audience, know how to sell to their audience, and they are relentless about introducing new products that will continuously have great reception.

When you think of the Top Selling JVZoo vendors of all time, the reality is there are four names that come to mind. These ten are the people who have managed to leverage the platform to bring themselves amazing clients and unbelievable wealth. The reality is these four people have managed to do great things with this platform.

They know how to get results from JVZoo, and with that knowledge you can use their methods to help you acquire the wealth that you deserve – just like them. The ten people who have mastered JVZoo are Todd Gross, Sam Bakker, Karthik Ramani, Simon Warner, Precious Ngwu, Chad Nicely, Jimmy Kim, Andrew Darius, Josh Ratta and Martin Crumlish.. When it comes to JVZoo, there are no better authorities than these people for helping you acquire wealth.

Todd Gross’s Vidinci is one of the most recognisable brands within the JVZoo world. He has managed to build an amazing brand thanks to his tireless work in the affiliate marketing world. One of the most recognizable things about Todd Gross is his video marketing skills.

Precious Ngwu One of the JVZoo’s Top Digital Marketing ProfessionalsTodd Gross

Frankly, when it comes to producing the best content, one of the keys to success is ensuring that you have a platform that engages potential customers in a format they are most comfortable with. Video marketing is a great platform because, frankly, video marketing does all the thinking for the customer.

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While Todd would surely never say that publicly, when you take a look at his work on JVZoo, it’s clear how video marketing has served him very well with getting the right prospects for his services. Furthermore, the video provides the imprimatur of truth, because after all, if something is on video then it must be true. This cultural assumption allows skilled marketers such as Todd Gross to take great advantage of the JVZoo platform to market his services and generate fantastic revenue.

When you need someone to help you get your marketing campaigns up and running without the hassle or bother that are found with other companies, then the man for that job is Josh Ratta. Josh is a whiz at providing tons of marketing solutions via his iGloo platform. This platform has allowed Josh to have a different space in the market than the other marketers on JVZoo.

Success in marketing is often finding space for your ideas where other ideas have not crowded out the marketplace. Nowhere is this more true than JVZoo. In the case of Josh, his iGloo platform has been a game changer because it allows affiliate marketers and others to use his creations in order to connect better with their customer base and market their products better.

Not everyone is a natural at marketing; Josh understands this and created a system of products that helps out these nascent marketers by ensuring that they have the ability to get the help their business needs to put it on the road to success. That’s why when it comes to knowing who is a Top Selling JVZoo vendor of all time, Josh Ratta is on that list.

Precious Ngwu One of the JVZoo’s Top Digital Marketing Professionals

Josh Ratta

There are people who understand business, and then there are people who understand what’s next in business. This is why companies like Apple are envied, because their people know not just what is coming, but what will be coming. In the case of Karthik Ramani, he applies these skills to marketing – he’s able to see what is here, and what will be here, and that’s reflected through his amazing social media suites that he uses to market his products.

Now, we all know about the power of social media, and truth be told marketing executives talk way too much about it, but the bigger problem is that all they do is talk – they don’t develop systems to take advantage of the emerging marketplaces. The good thing about social media is how it can take a company’s message and within hours turn that message into a viral sensation that reaches people across all nationalities, cultures, religions, and even languages.
The beauty of social media is how egalitarian it is. That means your message has to be a good one, otherwise it gets drowned out by all the other content out there. When that’s the case, that’s a problem. Fortunately, Karthik has done much to solve the problem with his platform.

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Thanks to this platform, you can give yourself the space on social media to truly do much in the way to keeping your prospects entering your sales funnel. Instead of having to do trial and error, Karthik is one of the top selling JVZoo vendors of all time because his product serves his customers in a way that they wouldn’t be able to serve themselves – namely it reduces the burden of time and treasure that gets invested in these enterprises.

Precious Ngwu One of the JVZoo’s Top Digital Marketing Professionals

Precious Ngwu One of the JVZoo’s Top Digital Marketing Professionals

Precious Ngwu (a.k.a, Precious Ng)

Another is Precious Ngwu, winner of the Top Vendor Award in 2015 and 2016, is different than the first three top selling JVZoo vendors of all time because he does not just work in one specific area. Precious is successful in several areas on JVZoo because what he does is understand the need for his market along with providing unmatched services and quality.

The key for understanding why he is so successful in this market and managing to earn serious money is because when you understand what people need and give them simple solutions to complex problems, what you are inevitably doing is building upon your credibility by delivering reliable solutions. For Precious, the goal is about providing the customers with solutions across all platforms that make customers lives easier and using affiliate marketing to ensure that these solutions get to the right people.

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With that in mind, it’s easy to see why Precious is first among equals when you talk about the All time great JVZoo vendors. In fact, when you notice the amazing market penetration taking place in Nigeria, it only makes sense at seeing why Precious is a jack of all trades. The goal is helping people move forward, and in that regard Precious has done a masterful – and profitable job with JVZoo’s sales.

The reality is all of these marketing professionals achieve success in a completely different way. Precious Ngwu is probably the most unique because he strayed from the traditional formula with great success. That is not the route for everyone, but in particular, Precious Ngwu knows that the way to success involves doing things that are a bit untraditional with the intent of being a truly innovative force.

He’s a fast rising African marketer, but the reality is if you look at his success, it’s all about how he’s managed to do great things by being fearless and challenging the different narratives.

Precious Ngwu One of the JVZoo’s Top Digital Marketing Professionals alongside Todd Gross, Sam Bakker, Simon Warner, Jimmy Kim etc