15 Blogging Tips For Beginners- Important Blogging tips for New Bloggers

Blogging tips for Beginners is one piece I am particularly pleased to write about. This is because over years I’ve been around, studying and trying to know what works and what doesn’t. Having read a lot of articles and through proper research and practice on this actual tips, I have come to genuinely understand what it really takes to make success in blogging just as a beginner and even expert.

The tips discussed here have worked for me, my colleagues and even other people who have measured success in blogging. Are you a new blogger? Or even just a random person but who really cares to know more about what it takes to make success blogging? Then sit back, relax and ask yourself the following question before you continue reading;

  1. Do I really want to know what it takes to make success blogging?
  2. Do I really want to make success blogging?

This is because, it is one thing to know ‘how’ and it is another thing to want to take actions and make success.

I know right now, you may have answered the questions well and correctly. Good!

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Note, that I decided to put up this list blogging tips for beginners together because, these are few things I recently started doing, which I should have been doing since my earliest beginning.
Therefore, whether as a beginner or you have been blogging, the following tips would help you immensely.

Obviously, there are a lot I could go on and on I share with you, but one of these days I would do a post about blogging beyond few basics.

Blogging Tips For Beginners – 15 Important Blogging tips for New Bloggers

Let’s quickly look into the following tips;

1. Come Out Original in your Journey to Blogging

One of the best tips for beginners and even experts, is the idea of being original. Instead of trying to imitate another person you admire, focus on discovering those things that actually make you unique in your own way. Discover those uniqueness and harness them. Stop copy-catting! And stand out.

2. Create High Quality Contents for your Readers

Good content? Yes! Good content is key. Try as much as possible to write what even yourself would want to read. You know that feeling when you are excited about a nice post tittle, only to discover the content boring and worthless? It stinks! So avoid it. In making good content, it’s necessary to make the content much easier to share on social platforms like Facebook, twitter,LinkedIn and few others.

3. Develop Uniqueness and Be Different

A lot of things have been said online about a particular topic. And a lot of them with enough mediocrity, so do not add to it. Rather do something outstanding and very different.

4. Always Research your Topic And Blogging Niche

As a beginner and or even if you have been blogging for a while, one of the few best blogging tips to know and do is to study other bigger blogs. Research and consider certain things like what they do? How do they do it? What they do that you like? And what they do that you do not like? With this, there are so many things you would definitely learn from such research.

5. Learn to Develop Patience Along your Blogging Journey

Remember the saying that nothing good comes easy? With this in mind, try to be patient with yourself while you grow through the process of blogging. It takes time to find your voice, so be patient.

6. Connect With Your Readers And Industry Experts

Here, I mean connecting with your readers and as well as other bloggers. And even making friends with them. Never underestimate the necessity and importance of connecting. In fact, if you are not connecting frequently with other bloggers, you are missing something and it’s a big mistake, so avoid it.

7. Write What You Love And Have Passion for

One of the good things to do, is to discover what you love and write on them. With this, it makes writing a lot easier, because you are writing what you love, and you don’t have to struggle with it, because it is something you already love and know. You are already familiar with, and it makes writing a lot easier.

8. Grow And Do Not Measure Too Early

In blogging, try to grow. And in doing that, do not be too obsessed with number of daily visitors especially in the earliest time of your beginning. You would be wasting time and energy while you do this. Instead concentrate and work, work, work.

9. Create And Write Worthy Contents As Often As Possible

One good blogging tips for beginners is that in blogging, always try to constantly imbibe an idea to develop and write on. And always bear in mind to write just as often as possible.

10. Find What Gives You Inspiration:

Discover what inspires you and hold unto it. By doing this, you’re constantly motivated through the time. Motivation and inspiration is a very good asset to have while into blogging. There, find a way to regularly get inspired.

11. Reach out to people you admire

Ever noticed how famous bloggers always know each other? This isn’t accidental. Blogging is hard work. It’s challenging to go at it alone. But with the help of others, it becomes manageable. That’s why smart bloggers reach out and form relationships with one another. They give advice, offer help, and cross-promote each other. That’s how they continue to grow day after day, year after year. You should do the same.

The more people you know, the better your work becomes. More experienced people can offer input on your content. They can contribute insights, promote you, or link to you—and they can share your content with their followers. Don’t be daunted by their reputation or huge following. Every famous blogger you know was once a nobody. But what set them apart was their willingness to set aside their fears and ego and reach out to those before them.

These bloggers understand. They will be more than happy to help you—but only if you use the right strategies.

14. Do not write too little or make too much writing

Be relatively brief, but make sure you hit all the necessary points, giving an in-depth information about the topic you are writing. Note: There is no point writing too many word of nonsense just to make up for lengthy words. Keep it simple, relatively short and informative.

15. Update older content

As you progress along your blogging journey, your thoughts, opinions, and knowledge will change. You’ll find out more about your industry, learn new things, and improve your writing style. You’d be doing your audience a disservice if you do not update your older content to reflect your newfound knowledge and ideas.

Plus, updating your content has an SEO benefits too.

Think about it: even if you rank #1, competitors may try to fight for the top spot. Or Google may “demote” your rankings because it thinks your content is outdated. So, you should aim to keep your content fresh and up-to-date.

16. Do not give up

And this is one of the most paramount of all! Blogging takes time, but the benefits worth it! And like the saying “quitters don’t win, and winners don’t quit”; so it’s all up to you, but I guess you are already a winner. So never stop putting out great contents out there. It’s just a matter of time and you are up there as an expert blogger too!

Above are few blogging tips for beginners which I have gathered over years and they work successfully well. Remember it’s fun interacting, so feel free to enlighten us about the blogging tips that have worked for you. Kindly write in the comment box below