Health Benefits Of Honey You Must Know

There are certain health benefits of honey everyone needs to know as they are very necessary and beneficial to the body. Honey is a food substance produced by group of insects called the bees (of genus Apis). The bees feed on flowers for nectar while producing this quality substances by the process of regurgitation and evaporation, just right in the beehive.

The honey produced is usually stored as primary food source in the wax(honeycombs), and collected by the beekeepers for human consumption.

Honey is known for it’s high sweetness and this is because it is rich in simple sugars like fructose and glucose from which it’s sweetness is got.

Interestingly, it stays a very long period of time without spoiling, and this is why honey can be stored in a sealed container for even years.

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Honey production, collection, use and consumption are activities that have been traced to ancient time. Today, tons of millions of honey are being produced worldwide with China, Turkey, Argentina, Ukraine and Russia being among the major producers.

Health Benefits Of Honey

Over the years, honey has been used in various forms as in cooking, baking, spread over bread, as addition to different beverages like tea. It has been used as sweetener in some commercial beverages and as flavor in certain sauces.

All these have come to make honey so popular, in addition to it’s used in traditional medicine. Honey is consumed by many due to its sweet taste and its numerous health benefits.

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Health Benefits Of Honey

Health benefits of honey are so numerous to mention, but let’s quickly look into the following benefits;

Immune booster: One of the health benefits of honey is its ability to boost the immune system. The antioxidant and its anti-bacterial properties helps fight diseases and improve the human system.

Energy Booster: Honey  can serve as natural energy booster. It is very rich in carbohydrates which provides strength and energy to the body. The instant energy derived from honey makes it effective in boosting the performance and endurance of athletes and reduces muscle fatigue.

While the glucose in honey is quickly absorbed for instant energy, the fructose is slowly absorbed  to provide sustained energy. This is why honey plays important role in exercise.

Sweetener: Honey contains about 69% glucose and fructose, and this makes it suitable as sweetener as it is naturally better for the health than normal white sugar. As a matter of fact, honey serves as sugar substitute in many food drinks and beverages.

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Prevents Cancer: Honey possesses such properties that prevents cancer. Studies have shown that honey possesses carcinogen-preventing properties and even anti-tumor properties. It is well known that honey is anti-cancer.

Brain Maintenance: Recall that honey has natural antioxidants. And research has shown that it also has therapeutic properties. These qualities are able to prevent dementia and enhance the brain system and circulation.

Weight Loss: Although when compared to sugar, honey has more calories, but when consumed with warm water helps in reducing the fats stored the body and with cinnamon, it helps in reducing weight.

Skin Care: It has been discovered that when honey is consumed with milk, it helps to maintain the skin. The two combination is very good in creating smooth beautiful skin, little wonder this, is practiced in many countries.

Health Benefits Of Honey

Source Of Vitamins And Minerals: Honey serves as source of vitamins and minerals. It contains varieties of vitamins and minerals like vitamin C, Calcium and Iron.

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Heals Wound: Honey anti-bacterial and honey anti-microbial properties are not in doubts. This makes it possible for honey to promote and initiate the process of healing in wounds while deodorizing malodorous wounds.

This means that its antiseptic properties prevents the growth of certain micro pathogens, thereby keeping the wound clean and as such free from infection. And this facilitates the process of wound healing.

Hangover: Do you have hangover? Worry less! Remember that honey contains fructose, which is known to speed up the oxidative breakdown of alcohol in the liver, thereby reducing the effect of the alcohol.

Therefore, counter the effects of alcohol when you have hangover from drinking too much alcohol.