How to Apply for Opay POS Application Form – Opay POS Apply Now and Get it Now

How to Apply for Opay POS Application Form: Download the OPay app from the Google playstore or Apple app store. During signup, provide all the required information for approval. Earn commissions for transactions you make on the OPay merchant app.

How Much is Opay POS Machine?

The OPay POS application is ABSOLUTELY FREE. Although, the latest official POS prices for OPay POS machines are N50,000 for OPay Smart POS, N35,000 for OPay Traditional POS, and N8,500 for OPay Mini POS.

How do I Apply to get a POS?

How to Set Up a POS System: A Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Point of Sale Software up and Running

  1. Before anything else, find the right retail solution provider
  2. Determine the store set-up you’d like to have
  3. Decide on who will set up your POS
  4. Launch the software and log in
  5. Enter or upload your products

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Does OPay require BVN?

Then, follow the instructions to register your account. After setting up your account, send an email to [email protected] requesting an OPay merchant registration form. What documents are required to complete my registration? Your Bank Verification Number (BVN).

Does OPay have an ATM card?

The design of the OPay instant debit card is appealing and resonates with the Nigerian market; instant cardholders will enjoy zero ATM withdrawal fees and zero card maintenance fees.

Also, potential users can apply for the card without BVN and receive it within 1 minute at OPay agent locations nationwide.

Benefits of Opay POS

  1. You will enjoy fast cash settlement on transactions (instant cash reflection).
  2. As an agent, Pos will be issued to you for free, you only pay a refundable caution fee.
  3. Transactions to other banks are N10, while OPay to OPay is free.
  4. Quick response from the customer service centre

Disadvantages Opay POS

What is the disadvantage of a POS system? The disadvantages include:

  1. If the point-of-sale system is Internet-based, there is no access to it if your Internet connection goes offline.
  2. There are ongoing costs associated with software-based POS systems.
  3. Software upgrades can be expensive.

Opay POS Application Requirements

How to Request for OPay POS Machine

Follow the steps below to learn how do I start an OPay POS business.

  1. Upgrade KYC Level to Level 3. If you’re already an active OPay user, you’ll definitely be a Level 2 user, but before you can get an OPay POS, you must first upgrade your KYC level to ‘Merchant Level’ (level 3) to be eligible.
  2. Switch Profile to Merchant.
  3. Merchant Application.

How long does it take to get a POS machine?

The process of starting a POS business is easy and can be completed within two weeks to a month, provided you meet the requirements of the host bank.

How to Use Opay POS Machine

OPay POS Machine

You will have to visit the Google play store to download and install the OPay app. Once successfully installed, register an account, and upgrade to agent level.

As an OPay agent, you will be able to help your customers withdraw and transfer money as well as pay their Utility bills.

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