How to Become Opay Agent – Opay Agent Registration Guide – Travel with OPay, Register Opay with ID Card

How to Become Opay Agent – Opay Agent Registration Guide: In this article will shall take through all the neccessary steps you need to go in other to become an Opay agent.Continue reading to find out how to do them by your self in this post titled; How to Become Opay Agent

OPay is an online money transfer and an internet service provider from Opera software; the service operate as an independent service.  As an Opay agent you offer the following service and more

Services of an Opay Agent

  1. send and receive money,
  2. top up an airtime,
  3. pay bills like utility bills,
  4. order for food at food store and grocery shops.

Opay categories of services

Opay has three major categories. These are for different services.

Below are lists of Opay service categories

  1. ORide: For Transportation using motorcycle or Keke of Oride agent.
  2. Opay: Using for making order for food or shopping
  3. Owealth: For making investment to earn inthe future

How do I Become an Opay Agent

Becoming an Opay agent comes with decision making with the requisite skills depending on which of the categories of the Opay services one chooses to engage with. In the previous section, we talked about the Opay services. So becoming an Opay agent, One must decide on which of the areas of service of Opay he/she will go for. Such as, Oride, Opay, Owealth.

If you have considered all the options above and you still wish to become Opay agent   who will help user to send and receive funds, pay bill and do many other thing, then continue reading this article on Opay Agent Registration Guide to find the requirement for registration as an Opay Agent.

How to Register for Opay as an Agent

Find below the nature of the registration form which will be completed by the applicant in other to become and Opay accredited agent point

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Opay Agent Registration Form
This form may require some other identity document that will provide basic information about you.

You want to be an OWealth agent or you want to be an Opay agent, these are the content of your application form:

  1. Download Opay app from Google play store or go to to download app for free.
  2. You will need your BVN
  3. You will also need any utility bill receipt
  4. Get any ID card like; International passport, Drivers license etc.
  5. Register an account with OPay for free.
  6. One passport size photograph Is required
  7. These are the basic thing you need to apply for an OPay service, if you have any of these, then am sure you
  8. can become an agent with OPay.

Eligibility for Application as Opay Agent

Applicant must be mentally normal since he will be offering service to people which may involve high and low classes of people

  1. Application must have average education to use of English
  2. ORide applicant must have Tricycle Motorbike (Keke) or Motor bike
  3. Owealth applicant must have functioning bank account
  4. Applicant must provide a means of identifiacation
  5. Applicant must have a smartphone with situable intenet access

Steps for Opay Registrations

If you interested in becoming an Opay agent, follow the steps below for the registration procedures

  1. Open your browser and log on to google playstore or go to to download opay app. Once you’ve download the app, tap on Sign up with the app and then tap also on “become an Agent”
  2. Fill up the form, enter your name, email address and all that is required of you, once you are done, tap on continue.
  3. Upload the following documents to complete your registration; a valid ID, passport photograph, BVN, any utility bill receipt. Tap on submit to finish.
  4. Once you upload these documents, you will receive a conformation call from OPay agent, more so, be ready for your acceptance.

People also Asked (FAQ)

How do I register for OPay online?

Follow the steps below to register for an OPay Account

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your Android phone or Apple App Store if you are using an iOS device.
  2. In the store, click on the search bar and type “OPay.”
  3. Click on the OPay icon and install the app.
  4. Once the app has been installed, open it and begin the registration process.

Can I use OPay without BVN?

You will be provided with details on how to become an OPay agent. The following documentation will be required: passport sized photo, Utility Bill (Proof of Address), BVN (Bank Verification Number), and an ID card. You may also require CAC registration certificate.