How to Apply for Rotary Peace Scholarship for International Students | Rotary Masters Program

The Rotary Foundation helps Rotary members to advance world understanding, goodwill, and peace by improving health, providing quality education, improving the environment, and alleviating poverty.

Currently, Rotary has seven peace centres in various locations around the world; the newest, at Makerere University in Kampala, Uganda — the first in Africa — welcomed its inaugural cohort of peace fellows in 2022.

Fellowship provides opportunities for Rotarians to make lasting friendships outside their own Club, District or country. Fellowships contribute to the advancement of world understanding and peace. Also, Fellowships serve as an incentive for attracting new members to Rotary and retaining our existing members.

How do I apply for Rotary?

  1. Follow these steps to ensure that your application receives consideration
  2. Review the eligibility restrictions
  3. Research the curriculum and programs at each of the Rotary Peace Centers
  4. Engage with Rotary
  5. Submit your application by 15 May
  6. Get endorsed
  7. Await selection results

What is a Rotary action group

Rotarian Action Groups provide assistance and support to Rotary clubs in planning and implementing community development and humanitarian service projects. Committed Rotarians, Rotarians’ family members, and Rotaractors who have the expertise and a passion for a particular type of service organize Rotarian Action Groups

List of Countries Eligible to Apply for Rotary Peace Scholarship Study Area:

Read this article further to know if qualified applicants from your country/state or province are eligible to apply for this scholarship.

  1. Sweden
  2. Uk
  3. Japan
  4. USA
  5. Thailand
  6. Australia
  7. Uganda

How do Rotary scholarships work?

Rotary clubs offer scholarships for secondary, undergraduate, or graduate study. Rotary club scholarships are given by individual clubs and are open to anyone except Rotary members and their families. Contact your local club for application information and eligibility requirements.

How many countries is Rotary International in?

There are over 33,000 Rotary clubs in more than 200 countries and geographical areas.

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Before applying, candidates must ensure they are eligible for the fellowship by reviewing the following restrictions:

  1. Rotary Peace Fellowships may not be used for PhD study, even if it is possible to complete such a degree at a Rotary Peace Center university within the fellowship period.
  2. Recipients of Rotary global grant scholarships or Rotary Peace Fellowships in the professional development certificate program cannot apply to the Rotary Peace Fellowship master’s degree program until at least three years after the scholarship or fellowship ends.
  3. Recipients of the Rotary Peace Fellowships in the master’s degree program cannot apply to the professional development certificate program until at least five years after completion of the master’s degree program.


Method of Application

Candidates must submit their Rotary Peace Fellowship application and supplementary materials in English to The Rotary Foundation, even if the Rotary district requires a separate submission in their local language.

Resume/Curriculum Vitae

All candidates are required to submit a current résumé or curriculum vitae with their application. Resumes must include the months and years worked for every relevant job, internship, or volunteer experience listed.