10 Health Benefits Of Kola Nut Everyone Must Know


HEALTH BENEFITS OF KOLA NUT – The kola nut is a caffeine-containing nut of the tree called “kola tree”, which belongs to the genus “cola”. The word “cola” sounds familiar to many people, but it may interest to know that the source of the name is actually the cola genus of trees, which includes the kola tree, which is where the nut is gotten from. It is native to the tropical rainforests of Africa and usually grows about 20-25 metres in height.

kola 10 health benefits

Although Kola nut’s aroma is sweet, it bitters at first taste but sweetens upon chewing. And in addition to the caffein content of the kola, it also contains two other important chemicals known as kolanin and theobromine. These three chemicals function as stimulants, and because of this property, in some cultures of the world, the kola is mostly desired as food source and also forms an active  element in alternative medicine.

Let’s look into the following ten health benefits of the nut you must have to know.


kloa 10 health benefits

1. Kola nut boosts the immune system.

2. The intake of kola nut has the ability to prevent and kill certain cancer.

3. When chewed before meal, it helps optimize food digestion and improves nutrient uptake. In addition, it reduces constipation, cramping and other gastrointestinal problems.

4. The nut promotes cerebral circulation. It contains theobromine which is an alkaloid compound that contributes to the sense of alertness, and euphoria associated with chewing the nut.

5. It has certain compound that can modulate prostate growth and function.

6. The nut helps prevent and fight certain bacterial infections like those caused by mycobacterium species. It’s leaves, stem and roots are found to be capable of this function too, preventing such diseases as meningitis, tuberculosis and even bronchitis.

7. It has been long used as natural remedy for chest cold.

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8. In the lung, kola nut helps straighten the fibers in the lung tissues.

9. The nut can be used for natural weight loss.

10. As a stimulant, it helps to increase the oxygen level in the blood.

It is important to know that this nut is of high importance and it’s importance can never be over-emphasized. Please do well to share with us other health benefits of the nut you know. Make use of the comment box below.